9 Jan 2023


Does the Internet Make You Dumber?

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From Carr’s point of view, the impact of technologies depends on how they are used. For one of the first effects of the use of pain is the loss of cursive or handwritten writing; subsequently, there will be a decline in the capacity of attention and reflection. Then, the computer, by amplifying the ability to capture information and by providing the possibility of multitasking, because it will affect attentional processes and from their memory (Carr, 2008). For Carr, the internet is a modification machinery of cognitive processes, which are fundamental to the through over stimulation and distraction. The use of computers leads us to think and act as computers: perform multiple tasks of superficial form, without greater awareness or profundity, to the meaning of the task. 


For Carr, writing is a determinant of memory and argues that computing is a cognitive server external, as the book is. An impact of computers and the internet in memory would be given in its historical aspect, that the constant distraction of this technology (of oblivion), is which allows information to be obtained by requiring little attention so that the information obtained is rapidly lost in particular. The Internet amplifies the possibility of obtaining, but it compels both the task of reflecting on the information obtained by the consolidation process (Carr, 2008). Carr mentions the history of Nietzsche and his to shift from the moment the philosopher began to use a typewriter, his writing and how to express his thought changed. In addition, along with other studies, the impact of ICT in science and its publication, the usual conception is that technologies have opened up a world of information. Quite the contrary and as for the scientific information, ICTs would have biased the information to a particular group of sources. Along with that, Carr notes a study that has detailed the benefits of interaction with nature in the attentional processes with the intention to point out what is lost using ICTs 

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Carr, N. (2008).  Is Google making us stupid? What the Internet is doing to our brains  (Vol. 1). July. 

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