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Dunkin' Donuts District Manager

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Having been an executive official at Dunkin Donuts Store, which is located in the Midwest for a period of two years, the employer has just promoted me to the position of a District Manager. This decision has come after his appraisal and recognizing my growth potential as well as the growth potential in my geographic area. Ostensibly, my employer scrutinized the employee inventory and surveyed all existing personnel, thereby noting my track record, which is highly successful. The proprietor recognized me for doing a remarkable job staffing, staff training, leading, managing people and coaching, among other responsibilities. Besides, he acknowledged my successful management of all strategic constituents belonging to my store and having efficaciously handled strategic corporate drivers like growth, asset utilization, finances, people, and proceeds. Regarding the metrics, which are essential in measuring stores for quality, sales, and customer service, my store, was also rated as the top performing one in the entire system. Following my appointment to this critical position of a District Manager, the property owner has as well committed noteworthy investment and is also interested in establishing five first-hand localities in two years’ time. For this reason, I am looking forward to being accorded absolute authority, autonomy, and the obligation of configuring personnel, and regulating the five first-hand places, whereby I shall perform a fundamental responsibility in the expanding for dynamic growth. Being the incoming District Manager in this organization, it is equally vital for me to prepare my selected job design, structural design, my enrolling approach together with procedures, as well as my teaching together with enactment evaluation method. 

Job Design  

Company Description – Dunkin Donuts Store 

Title : District Manager 

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer Dunkin Donuts Stores 

Based at: Midwest 

Job purpose : strategic planning and directing all communication lines in the newly created locations for easy and expedient flow of information. Furthermore, I shall develop mechanisms to implement modalities for expanding new links with affiliate stores within and outside the region. 

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Personality: I need to be self-driven; results-oriented, and possess an explicit focus on corporate and high quality output in the Dunkin Donuts Stores . I should be a critical and proactive evaluator of self-progress, authentic, mature, and contented with working in liaison with the senior prominent organization’s executives. Similarly, I need to be tolerant, reliable, and determined. Apart from that, I shall be intricate communicator and being able to visualize and make appropriate judgment of several emerging situations (Osterwalder, Pigneur, Bernarda, & Smith, 2014). Being well-groomed, sufficiently versatile as well as possessing a corporate presentability, and ready to travel for several days a month within and outside the country. I have to be a team player and with optimal ability to work in rapport with other employees from the lower cadres. 

Personal situation: I have to be mature and coming from a secure contextual, for I shall be obliged to spend some nights away from my relations without upsetting them. I am required to make dependable office based communication, able to work prolonged hours on instances when required by the top management. 

Knowledge skills and abilities: I have to be able to correspond and communicate through written media as well as be acquainted with telecommunications ideologies. Besides, I am required to appreciate the need for dependability within the company’s branding together with all the commercializing strategies comprising internet and public relations. 

Management abilities: I ought to be discreet in spending the organization’s fiscal resources and possess archetypal abilities to electrify junior workers in developing the attitude of patriotism for the organization as well as pulling together resources for optimal productivity. 

Organizational Design  

Developing and maintaining computerized clients and prospective database. 

Planning and implementing all procurement procedures within my stores in my location, according to the organization’s agreed financial plan, volume of sales, standards, and product mix together with timescales. 

Responding to and following up sales service surveys by telephone, website, as well as field visits. 

Developing a supportable system for the present and incoming clients through prearranged individual account sustenance, and in liaison with the internal order-processing personnel. 

Monitoring and giving account of activities by affording appropriate administrative information. 

Conducting market research, contender and client surveys. 

Maintaining and generating a comprehensive report on software and equipment suitability facility inquiry together with procurement deals. 

Planning and attending meetings in connection with other corporate functions that are required to perform obligations and assist corporate and structural improvement. 

Attending training and developing pertinent information and skills. 

Recruiting and Selection 

For proper recruiting and selection of the respective personnel in my locations, I shall first advertise the job design on the job engine of the organization’s website. It is necessary to undertake this action as in this period there is advanced technology and much of job searching is executed through internet as compared to other forms of media. I have much preference for internet as it is more convenient and not exorbitant as the information can remain in the system so long as the organization exists (Bates, 2012). Consequently, the information shall be readily accessible even for record custody and forthcoming updates where need arises for new advertisements. Additionally, the internet delivers a straight and fast module for response in comparison to other procedures of media. Other than the internet, I shall as well publish the job designs in the national daily Newspapers. This is also my preferred alternative as it targets readers who might be lacking access to internet although they have a reading ability (Bates, 2012). Newspaper is also appropriate because it can be accessed by several people and kept for future references and possibly before the deadline, more people would have caught its attention. Finally, as opposed to the internet, newspapers indiscriminately spread to an expansive readership and can inform the public without demanding computer literacy as its prerequisite. 

In selecting a proper candidate for the advertised positions in the organization, I will first subject potential applicants to a transcribed interview whereby the candidates are guided to answer some questions with respect to the positions they would be lobbying. This practice will assist the interviewing panelists to assess the proficiency of all applicants in various abilities for instance in communication and measure their cognizance in the field of information technology. 

Subsequently, I shall subject every contestant to a pragmatic exercise so as to undertake certain tasks with the applicable apparatus. This step will empower the panelists to estimate whether each candidate is conversant with the necessary tools of communications and whether they are able to comfortably work with them in delivering the prospective results. 

Training and Performance Appraisals 

There will be need to appraise the personnel from time to time to gauge their suitability for their respective positions and to validate their scope of productivity. To accomplish this noble task, I shall be obliged to set standards for the store and every employee will have to sign a performance contract. This appraisal will be done every two or three months to ascertain the productivity of each employee. Afterwards, I shall expose every worker in my unit to a concrete exercise where they will be required to accomplish specific responsibilities with the pertinent communications’ apparatus (Bates, 2012). This act will as well enable me to establish whether employees in every department are conversant with the necessary tools of work in their respective areas and whether they can securely work with them to deliver the prospective outcomes. Upon certifying the employees’ merit in their places of work, I shall repeat an inclusive orientation before I reshuffle them to different department or retain them in their previous locations. This step will help the workers acclimatize with new working environment, terms and conditions and all those to interact with during their service delivery. 

Consequently, I shall expose all the staff members to a routine audit exercise once in three months to ascertain every progress via a wide-ranging appraisal report compiled by external evaluating officers to the proprietors for review of the workers’ performance. In cases where flaws shall be spotted in some dockets, I shall summon the affected employees before an in-house audit committee for further questioning and possibly subsequent disciplinary procedures taken against them. 


The position of the District Manager for Dunkin Donuts is a critical one based on the magnitude of accountabilities together with the tenacious demands of human resource management. Nonetheless, I am quite optimistic that if the above mentioned recommendation will be intensely monitored and applied, I shall no doubt become a resourceful and reliable leader of this renowned organization and be of great influence to the prospective clienteles. This rank of District Manager will also give me an ample opportunity to unleash my full aptitude together with my expertise gathered from the previous experience, which I have gathered previously while serving in the capacity of a manager in Dunkin Donuts Store found in Midwest . The personal attributes, which I possess together with work etiquette, make me confidently equal to task and I hereby assure my employers that the confidence they bestowed in me will never be in vain as I have never disappointed them before. I highly believe that my ability to secure this position was solely anchored on the opulent recommendations, which I derived from my previous experience in this company, not forgetting my comprehensive credentials that I had attached initial application for the managerial position. Owing to my fabulous reputation as stated in an appraisal by my employer, I also scooped numerous awards within and out of the region for the archetypal performance. I swear to uphold the same spirit in this new appointment to safeguard the reputation of this renowned company. 


Bates, S. M. (2012). The social innovation imperative: Create winning products, services, and programs that solve society’s most pressing challenges . New York: McGraw-Hill. 

Osterwalder, A. Pigneur, Y., Bernarda, G., & Smith, A. (2014). Value proposition design: How to create products and services customers want . Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. 

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