9 Aug 2022


Early Childhood Development - How to Nurture Your Child's Growth

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Have you ever asked yourself why you do some of the things you do? Psychology has been able to detect how humans behave and what they perceive. It is also seen that social situations affect human behavior. 

At times we do not notice what is usually right in front of us. An artist approached a young lady trying to sell her a DVD player while negotiating, and some two gentlemen carrying a wooden door passed between them, separating them in a way they could not see one another ( Smith, 1985 ). The artist was replaced with another artist with different clothes, height and voice but the lady did not notice the switch. 

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This illustrates the state of phenomena blindness. This really shows how people select what they want to see and what they do not. Humans set their minds in a way that they will do things that make them happy. 

It is like putting a child in a room with a bowl full of sweets and telling them to wait for 15 min for you to get back before they start eating them. The kid will not be able to resist the urge and they will end up eating the sweet after the first two minutes. We tend to go with our mindset. 

We can also experience conflicting moral impulse, whatever happens to you in your childhood can have a great impact in your adulthood. A girl who is defiled at a tender age could be stigmatized the whole of her childhood, having a negative perception of the opposite sex which could psychologically affect her acceptance of the opposite sex in her adulthood. This could lead to fear of having any relationship or getting into a serious family life. Memories are always hard to erase more so if they are negative

People are easily manipulated by those in power, for instance politicians can play with the public’s psychology. During campaigns they promise heaven on earth, but once they are elected they disappear and go for holidays with their families. After their term is up they will go back to the public with the same blank promises but still manage to get elected. This is because once they shower the public with money during campaigning people keep forgetting that whatever they were promised before was never fulfilled. 

Traditional practices may also lead to psychological effects, in a case of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) which have its consequences such as Post – Traumatic stress disorder and affective disorder. Some of these practices mainly find the girls with very little knowledge. Once we invited girls to a seminar on sensitization of why the cut should be stopped, we realized that many girls had undergone the process and did not want to attend the forum ( Mooney, 2013 ). Reason being they believed that they should not interact with those that have not undergone the process. They psychologically believed that FGM is a rite of passage making them belong to a different age group. 

We once had a fellow student who could just dash to class screaming and running. After her narration as to why she did that, we came to understand on medical terms that she had hallucinations, which is a psychosomatic disorder. It is experiencing of images or noises that do not exist, such as ear shot voices and illusions. False theories that an ill person decides are true withstanding indications to the contrary. 


Mooney, C. G. (2013).    Theories of Childhood: An Introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, Piaget & Vygotsky . Redleaf Press. 

Smith, L. (1985). Making educational sense of Piaget's psychology.    Oxford Review of Education ,    11 (2), 181-191. 

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