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Early Childhood Research: The Latest Findings

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How teaching practices support high-quality programming for children and families

(Wechsler et al., 2016) present a policy brief on ‘The Building Blocks of High-Quality 

Early Childhood Education Programs’ which demonstrates the significant elements in for achieving high quality education for children. The research is a credible source as it evaluates research and professional standards required for the development of early childhood programs. The study is informative and offers excellent insights into the standards and curriculum in early childhood learning. The brief assesses the children as a whole in terms of their social, academic, emotional and physical progress and how instructions and planning of programs can be effectively implemented. The focus is also on teachers in ensuring they are well prepared to provide interactions and efficient classroom environment that support and promote learning. From the above aspects. I feel that the results are accurate especially because they show positive results while maintaining professional standards of early childhood education. 

The study evaluates professional knowledge and skills and proposes the creation of active programs in the training of the teachers in preparation of them as the staff with skills and know-how on supporting children in learning and development. The study proposes the determination of a funding strategy for early childhood programs in all states. The conclusion is reasonable as policymakers should invest resources for good outcomes to produce the desired benefits by focusing on stronger learning and success in early childhood learning. 

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The (Lin & Magnuson, 2018) study examines the relationship between quality in the classroom and the outcomes in children and the qualification of the teacher in child care centers. The research is credible for evaluation as it uses diverse settings and centers to measure valuable aspects. The assessment of teachers’ levels of education and professional training by measuring the qualifications using degrees and ECE credits and the career level in the state determines the impact on children outcomes effectively. The study is credible as it seeks to provide clear guidance on the effect of teacher’s qualification on early childhood education due to mixed evidence and lack of clear information on the relationship. 

The information provided is accurate as it offers precise data drawn for various community child care centers. The study has conducted theory research in both private and public with profit and nonprofit attributes to provide balanced insights. The number of centers and the children is reasonable for use in the study and provide insightful generalizations and conclusions. The conclusion offered is reasonable. The study shows the lack of association of the quality in the classroom and the teacher level of education since the teacher’s qualification as demonstrated by research fail to impact or predict children academic skills. The study also makes a critical observation that however, teachers without training impact quality on the classrooms which promotes the need for training, experience, and professionalism in early childhood education. 

Research studies related to how child development theory and principles related to best practices 

(Passarelli, 2016), evaluates the use of experiential learning theory in the promotion of learning and development. The study is credible as it offers a new perspective in researching the abroad setting which has great impacts in dispelling and confronting the assumptions and ambiguity associated with such environments. The use of the experiential theory to observe human adaptation and transformation for the conversion of experience into knowledge provides a holistic approach. It can be used in creating best practices in children learning environment. The study offers insights on the need to consider significant factors such as learning spaces, the flexibility of the programs and how the concepts can be used to maximize the learning experience which further increases the accuracy of the information provided by the theory. 

The conclusions of the study are reasonable and applicable. The study emphasizes the need for teachers to be intentional in enhancing the transformation of experience into knowledge. The study asserts that experiential educators should embrace their teaching roles and ideas by inspiring and owning students in the learning to maximize their skills in education which is a practical and viable approach in a different setting such as studying abroad. 

(Roskos, 2017), offers a multiple perspective research in ‘play and literacy in early childhood’ study. The study is a credible source due to the specific aspects evaluated leading to an insightful discussion and conclusion. It provides a diverse perspective assessing the role of the parents and analysis of the best practices in child development. The information is accurate as its findings relate to practical experiences and facts provided in the guidance of play-related literacy activities. The study conclusions assess the role of the parent in determining children participation in learning activities. Therefore parents should involve their children n diverse activities such as storytelling, reading books, playing cards, word games such as tongue twisters to promote their awareness and participation. The research concludes that parents who influence children learning perspectives by providing entertainment avenues through a range of activities through which learning occurs playfully and enjoyable are effective compared to parents who offer practical skills and enhance learning through skill-building activities. The conclusion is reasonable as linking play to education has excellent benefits to children as children gain more through playful social interactions. 

Ideas on how to strengthen the early childhood field 

Teacher-child interactions 

The understanding of the importance of quality in the maximization of the benefits in early childhood programs is crucial in enhancing early social and academic skills children. The early childhood field can be strengthened in the area of teacher and children interaction through the creation of a high quality environment. Efforts should be placed on social, economic outcomes where childhood teachers should be trained on nurturing relationships with children and equipping them with foundational relationship skills for positive impacts on children behavior and learning in the school environment. 

Parent partnerships 

The early childhood development field requires the collaboration of educators with parents, specialists, and other stakeholders to provide support and determine the progress of children in resource provision, information, and practices sharing. Since many parents want to engage in their children learning by maintaining regular communication with the teachers, the educators should be willing to accommodate them. The partnership and be strengthened by the teacher by providing opportunities for the parents to know them and discuss how to address the children needs. The teachers should, therefore, prepare a short biography and provide the information to parents to help them get to know them. Questionnaires should also be ready for parents to ensure constant communication between the teachers and parents even with their busy schedules. 

Curriculum planning. 

Educators should invest in child-centered curriculums to provide opportunities for growth and strengthen the early childhood development sector. The curriculum should offer children opportunities to play by leading them to make choices on how and with whom to play. Children acquire knowledge through experiences and interactions with the environment. Thus the curriculum should consider the value and importance of play children development. 

The most effective of the three ideas on strengthening early childhood development is the formation of strong and effective partnerships between parents and educators. The partnership is more significant as it has three-fold benefits to parents’ teachers and the educations. It creates a positive environment conducive for learning, teaching and understanding the learning process through the maintenance of effective communication and exchange of information. 


Lin, Y. C., & Magnuson, K. A. (2018). Classroom quality and children’s academic skills in child care centers: Understanding the role of teacher qualifications. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 42, 215-227. 

Passarelli, A. M. (2016). Using experiential learning theory to promote student learning and development in programs of education abroad . Case Western Reserve University. 

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Wechsler, M., Melnick, H., Maier, A., & Bishop, J. (2016). The building blocks of high-quality early childhood education programs. Palo Alto: Learning Policy Institute. 

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