13 Jun 2022


Establishing Treatment Goals

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The main purpose of therapy is to heal issues concerning a certain condition either physical or emotional. Professions in the medical field come up with treatment plans that contain a clear outline of the professional approach and interventions used to accomplish a specified goal. In consideration of mental health therapy, treatment goals are achieved through the collaboration of inputs from the patient and the therapist. When it involves physical conditions, creating a treatment plan is straightforward since these conditions are visible. However, there are people who find some difficulty in setting treatment goals for counselling therapy since it involves emotional healing (Para, 2008). 

For a client who reports having used marijuana occasionally, there is a high probability that he is addicted and is trying to stop. Getting an understanding as to why he has concluded to abstain is the first most significant step. In this case, the client already has his main objective as to why he wants to abstain. He wants to be a good role model to his children and save his health. Since marijuana is a highly addictive drug, the goal-setting process must be realistic keeping in mind that it is impossible to stop overnight (Para, 2008). The next step that will guide you in in the treatment plan is establishing how you will achieve the goal. Taking proper consideration of what will work best for a patient is important since not all patients respond to treatment in the same way. Keeping a record of the patient's progress will help establish whether the main objective is, being met (Weissman, 2007). 

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Many young adults go through various life transitioning at which they find most of the time struggling with the changes. During these moments, they feel frustrated, sad, and hopeless about life. During this period, they may lose interest in things they enjoyed doing back then and experience difficulties in eating, sleeping and eventually experience low self-worth. When it comes to young adults with depression and such kind of symptoms, Cognitive treatment goal has to be established that ensures a successful recovery of the depressed patient. Establishing treatment plan will begin by assessing the symptoms of the patient. Understanding the basic background of the family will help assess the cause of stress. Make recommendations on how to solve the situation by first administering a healthy diet to improve on appetite and encourage her to build self-esteem (Para, 2008). 

Creating a treatment plan for a couple planning to take a divorce process should involve a strategy that ensures the involved parties do not end up taking the blame. Especially when it involves being brought up in Catholic faith and parents being married for a long time may lead to self-blame and depressive thoughts. Through a proper assessment, therapists should make a proper diagnosis describing symptoms and ways of performing a proper counselling session. As part of the treatment plan, it is best to ask the patient on his opinion considering the divorce. This step will help in administering the best advice for the situation. 

Professional counsellors should create a treatment plan that clearly outlines the action taken in enhancing quick emotional recovery of a patient. Depression being an emotional disease, its therapy process becomes successful whenever treatment goals are clearly outlined. 


Para, Elizabeth A. (2008) "CBT for the Treatment of Depression in Young Adults: A Review and Analysis of the Empirical Literature," Graduate Journal of Counseling Psychology: Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article 14.

Weissman DE, Ambuel B, Hallenbeck JL. Improving end-of-life care: A resource guide for physician education. 4th ed. Milwaukee: Medical College of Wisconsin; 2007)

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