7 Jun 2022


Ethical Dilemma about Dumping and Antidumping

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Antidumping laws have existed since the beginning of 20 th century. The laws were primarily aimed at protecting domestic industries, especially from unfair trade from external firms. At the same time, it has used as a tool execute protectionism in various countries across the globe ( McGee, 2008) . There has been a controversial debate regarding anti-dumping laws with some people supporting while others opposing. 

Personally, I think the antidumping laws are fair mainly because they ensure a fair playing ground for both local and foreign businesses. It is one of the best strategies that countries can use to ensure that fair trade practices exist in the local market and local industries are not driven out of the market. The cost of production differs from one country to another and the difference should not be used to give other businesses undue advantage in the local market. In order for countries to enjoy rapid growth and development, it is important for its local companies and industries to fully remain in operation without external interference. Therefore, I think the antidumping laws are fair because they ensure fair trade practices. 

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There is no significant difference between antidumping laws and protectionism as both are aimed at protecting the domestic industries and firms. Antidumping law is warranted because it safeguards local jobs and it enhances the competitive strength of domestic firms, including industries (Ikenson, 2002). A country is likely to benefit more when its domestic companies and industries are performing better than foreign firms. At the same time, antidumping law equalizes the playing field for both local and foreign firms because it eliminates unfair trade practices. Therefore, the antidumping laws should be enforced with the aim of ensuring fair business environment. 


McGee, R. W. (2008). Antidumping laws as weapons of protectionism: Asian case studies. Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 5 , 36. 

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