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Evaluating Employee Performance and Training

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The current technological advancements have brought about a great impact in the daily operation of running businesses, mass communication as well as socializing. To gain a competitive edge, businesses have to integrate the use of computer systems. Apart from the increased efficiency in their integration, there is also a difference in customer satisfaction and a higher quality of output. More benefits are accrued to a business that offers exceptional customer services. For instance, referrals from a content and a satisfied customer is a great source for potential clients. Good customer service skills are needed by every employee as the values of an organization are clearly portrayed by the interaction with their clients. It is, therefore, paramount to equip an organizational workforce with the right customer service and computer skills. Many factors determine the techniques of training employees to be implemented. For example, the budget constraints, the particular needs of employees and the level of expertise the employees have (Hinchcliffe, Bromley, & Hutchinson, 2007)

Computer skills can be taught through various methods. First, Instructor- led techniques of training computer skills to involve one main speaker who is more knowledge in a particular area of specialization. In this case, the main area of attention is computer skills. Training sessions in this approach are classroom based. The speaker may incorporate the use of presentation mechanisms such as projectors, power point presentations or writing boards. The main benefit of this approach is that a large group of employees get the same kind of information at the same time therefore saving time. It is also cost effective particularly when the speakers or instructors are from the same organization. The shortcoming of this technique comes in the coordination of a large number of trainees. It is cumbersome as well as time-consuming. A lot of potentially productive working hours are lost (Hinchcliffe et. al., 2007) 

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Secondly, interactive methods of teaching computer skills to enhance the participation of the trainees thereby making them more attentive. These programs of training can also be integrated into the long, tedious sessions of lecturers. Typing interactive games is an excellent example of such programs which are more appealing to the young. For adults, interactive sessions such as discussions and case studies are more useful. The demonstration is also a great example specifically in the case showing the steps followed in a certain computer procedure. A willing volunteer may be selected from the audience while the others listen and watch perhaps from the projectors installed. By use of interactive methods, an instructor can gauge how well the employees are learning and can opt to lead the lecture in a certain way for their own good (Lucas, 2015). 

In other cases, hands-on training would be recommended to help in employee training on computer skills. In this approach, employees get to learn about computer skills concurrently as they use them. It is best suited when showing new computer procedures as well as computer hardware. To effectively use this method, a more experienced computer user is grouped in the midst of novice users. Unnecessary theory explanations and too much technical jargon are eliminated. Immediate communication and feedback ensure that all issues are handled in good time. From all the other techniques, on-the-job-training is the most effective. It saves time as employees continue working as they learn. Instant feedback allows for clarity between the instructors and trainees (Lucas, 2015) 

On the other hand, as far as customer service skills training is concerned, ethics and interpersonal skills development are key areas of focus. Some proposed approaches can be implemented. There are a few similarities between the computer skills training techniques. To start with face-to-face techniques is similar to the instructor-led approach. In the case of customer service training, however, a more qualified professional gets the chance to explain to employees the main fundamental aspects of customer service. For instance, the professional may highlight the procedures to be used when a client is filing a complaint. Advice is offered as well as other tolerable ways of handling customer scenarios. Different companies and organizations have different policies that regulate their operations. It would, therefore, be suitable for employees to learn about these policies and the company as a whole. It applies specifically to new staff and interns who will be portraying the image of the company by the kind of interaction they have with clients. Learning the policies and company culture creates a sense of belonging, togetherness among the workers as well as motivating them. Employees are obligated to learn about the products and services offered by the company. Learning about any changes or updates on the same is also important (Hinchcliffe et. al., 2007) 

Acting and role playing simulates a real-world scenario, and is another effective method of training employees on customer service skills. In this approach, employees take on the positions of people in a business transaction realm. The employees then employ the skills acquired in their training. Other employees in the audience may also participate by suggesting solutions or asking questions (Lucas, 2015) . Case studies also offer a more informative approach on how to handle certain customer service occurrences. Trainees can brainstorm and discuss the pros and cons of taking a practical course of action. The best solution is selected to be implanted. Most people learn by doing. Others have a photographic memory. Based on these two reasons, role playing is, therefore, the best approach to be implemented when teaching customer service skills to employees. 

In conclusion, a productive employee must possess a unique skill set that is sought out by their employers. Away from the academic qualifications, skills such as fluent communication are great. Customer service is also important especially in sectors such as tourism, banking, and hospitality. Putting technological advancements into consideration, computer skills are also necessary skills to acquire. The nature of IT also calls for updating computer skills as this field is largely dynamic. 


Hinchcliffe, R., Bromley, T., & Hutchinson, S. (2007). Skills training in research degree programs: politics and practice. Maidenhead, England: Open University Press. 

Lucas, R. W. (2015). Customer service skills for success. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. 

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