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File Folder Games for Education - A Fun Way to Learn

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Even though most games use alternative tools including plastic bags and candies, they fail to give the required pieces or type of entertainment to the target groups. The best classroom practice is to develop a game from scratch even though the activity may be expensive and time consuming. For teachers and care providers, laminated file folder games are more appropriate because they can last for a longer period, especially if the users (children) are trained to hand the folder with care. Although the procedure for making a file folder game may different across institutions and individuals, a typical file folder game always have three components including a “front label,” “two separate game boards,” and “manipulative or play pieces.” In this part of class activity, we will create both the “standard” and “expanded” file folder games” for a K12 student. The name of our file folder game will be “ABCJLM.” The primary aim of this paper is to share relevant information on how to compile the game, put it on a file folder, and laminate the whole document using a contact paper. 


A printable form marked ABCJLM 

A pair of scissors 

Contact paper 

A file folder 


A rubber 

6 by 9 envelopes 


Print on the file folder the name ACBJLM in color or in black and white. A printable cardstock should be used in case the game pieces will be laminated. 

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In case the printable forms are printed in black and white, crayons will be used to color the images so that the desired colours can be retained. 

3. The third step will include cutting out all the shapes using a pair of scissors. This will give us some of the pieces shown in the figure below. 

4. In most cases, companies print their logos on file folders. Therefore, it is always necessary to use the side of the file folder that is free from such printings so that there is no interference with the game. While laying out the cut images in step 3 and gluing them down using a rubber cement, it is important to create in mind the picture of the targeted child and arrange the pieces left to right and from one page to the next. It is possible that one may make mistakes when organizing the pieces and this is why rubber cement is preferred over other sticker because it permits the removal of pieces that have not dried up. 

5. Use rubber cenment to stick the envelop at the back of the file folder. Once the envelopes are stuck together, they will prevent the images from falling out of their storrage. 

6. Stick the image title and instruction box at the front of the file folder so that it becomes the first thing a child will be seeing. This means that the file folder must be laminated so that the title and instructions can remain as clean as possible throughout the class activities. 

7. The seventh step involves laminating the file folder game using a contact paper. A laminated file folder game is known to last for several years and can as well be used by todlers without getting torn or becoming dirty. A person may dicide to use a laminator or a contact paper. For our case, we will use a contact paper because it is substantially cheaper and equally effective. Most contac papers have guidelines and this makes their use much easier and straightforward. All contant papers have two sides: transperent plastic layers and the paper layer which contains the guidelines on how the material can be used to achieve the requred quality. The following procedures are essential when laminating the file folder game. 

a. Choose the most suitable place (kitchen counter or a flat table) where you will do the lamination. The surface of the table or kitchen counter must be clean and extremely dry. 

b. start by unrolling the lamination material on the file folder until it covers the required portions. Cut the paper in a way that it overlaps on all sides of the file folder. This will help you manage the piece and cover every part of the file folder. 

c. the next step will involve rolling the lamination material in an oposit direction so that the clear plastic appears on the outside portion while the paper instructions remain on the insude. This is as shown in the diagram below. 

d. At this stage, it is important to rememeber opening and unclasping the envelop before laying the lamination paper on top. 

e. From one coner, sparate the portion with instructions from the clear liner by pulling it a few inches. Lay a small section of the clear liner at the top of the file folder and ensure the the paper remains straight. 

8. Put the lined project with its sticky side facing up and stick cut images. There has to be space left between the images for easy cutting. 

9. Once the firtst side is covered, the same procedure must be followed so that the second side of the file folder is also covered. 

10. Cut the laminated images into pieces leaving small borders of lamination paper in all sides. 

11. Cut the file folder leaving a small border of lamination paper in all sides. 

12. Use the pair of scissors to create a shallow cut at the clossing of the envelop (Arrow in the diagram above). 

13. Open the envelop and place the game peieces inside it. 

14. The final stage should give you a full file folder with the information shown in the diagram below. 

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