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Foster Microgravity - The Leader in Microgravity Research

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On the surface of the earth, every living and nonliving thing conform the rule of gravity. Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton, the world can now explicitly explain the earth gravitational pull on objects, and their tendency to remain on the surface of the earth. Scientist, so far, have had sufficient of data on the impacts of gravity on both living and nonliving things on earth surface. Scientists are confident that they have exhaustively explored the impact of gravity, in relation to everything that exists on the surface of the earth, so much, that they have decided to shift their focus to a different direction. From the influences of gravity as a force to the operations of living things within an environment, to how different the metabolic activities of living things would have been in an environment that in turn, would have been free from gravity. This condition, in which there is little to no gravitational influence on an object is known as microgravity. This condition renders objects to freely float on the on space, an example of such an environment is the space, thousands of kilometers from the surface of the earth. This explains why space satellites are freely suspended in the space.

Since it is exorbitantly expensive to get to the research teams into the space, to conduct a proper research on the naturally existing microgravity, scientists have decided to create their own artificial microgravity environment, almost similar to the on in space. They have made tremendous prospects in attempting to create a gravity-less environment within the surface of the earth, basically to culture cellular organisms. Generally, just the idea of constructing a gravity free space within the earth surface is nearly impossible. However, space scientists have surprisingly already bridged the gap. They have created tin looking gadgets with internal space that resembles the space when powered on. The walls of the tin are made such that they spin at high speeds to cancell out the effect of gravity on the internal space of the tin. The walls move at super-fast speed, rendering the air the space within the tin insensitive to the earth gravitational forces. Judging from this explanation, this may sound like a little experiment to conduct in theory. But on actual sense, building the walls that could move, between each other, at super motion to achieve the required motion, calls for tremendous engineering and research. This explains why such operations are left to spaceship related companies.

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According to an article on the industrial application of microgravity environment, the future opportunities for commercialization lie in the unexplored microgravity environments. These prospects have invited tremendous scientific focus in the research of microgravity. Companies have channeled a significant amount of resources in the space research to exploit the future opportunities. The success of future commercial operations lies on the accomplishment of these projects. In the US the National aeronautics and space administration office of space science has undertaken a study of space microgravity under the NASA microgravity program, with specific attention paid to the key potential program that may result in an industrious invention or innovation (Snell, 2001, p. 156) .

The most promising research result lies in the field of nature medicine. More specifically, the possibility of growing tissues and organs in a gravity free environment. According to nuclear scientists in the department of microbiology and nuclear science, microgravity environment possesses tremendous effect on the cellular interactions. In as much as it is not clear how exactly the forceless environment affects cellular organism, the results are clear when alike cellular organisms are conditioned in a microgravity environment. More importantly, it is fairly easy to observe the results in the cellular interactions between the related organisms. The symbiotic interactions between the mutualistic microbes and their hosts can clearly be observed in three dimensions. Initially, cellular interactions could only be observed through an electronic microscope that displayed the organisms in a two dimension point of view. This discovery presents a detailed way of observing cellular relations. More information in the areas of cellular discoveries means considerable steps are made to combat cellular infections such as cancer and its main cause (Foster, 2013) . This is great news to the world in which we live in today; a world that’s full of unexplainable cellular medical complications.

The 3D cellular observation technology that is presented by fostering microgravity, has opened doors to potential significant medical discoveries. Discoveries that may change the medical practices as we see it today, for instance, it may provide an alternative approach generating donor organs for transplantation. This is one of the maim possibilities that has been perpetrated by the characteristic suspension of objects in the microgravity environment. Coupled with the new possibility of 3D observation, there is a real possibility that stem cells can be triggered to develop into donor organs under the conditioned gravity-free environments. Also, all the aspects of the donor organ growth can be clearly observed, a process generally known as In vitro culture of 3D tissues (Foster, 2013) . This is one of the great prospects that has presented continual research of microgravity. There are other significant possibilities in the microbiology environment that have been discovered, and their implementations are under way.

Just like when the cyberspace was invented, the potentials of the internet were tremendous, and undeniably to date, internet has grown to become one of the most industrially successful innovation since the commercialization of the internet. Similarly, micro-g, as NASA refers to an environment free of gravity, is slowly proving to be the next internet discovery, with major prospects in the biomedicine industry most especially in cellular related research. Whether there are more areas that micro-g can be of significant influence is not yet established, since most of the space related data are never public data, but in time we will know.


Foster, J. S. (2013). The impact of simulated microgravity on the normal developmental timeline of an animal-bacteria symbiosis. Scientific reports, 3 , 1340.

Snell, E. H. (2001). Investigating the effect of impurities on macromolecule crystal growth in microgravity. Crystal Growth & Design, 1(2) , 151-158.

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