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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Client Right

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What right do I have as a client? 

The following is a list of client rights in the therapeutic process. The first three are the most significant because they relate, to a greater extent, to the primary objective of the process ( Boyle and Gamble, 2014 ). 

Confidentiality. The therapist is not allowed, except in some particular circumstances, to disclose your information without your written consent. 

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The purpose of the Process. You have the right to know the reason and treatment plan for therapy and the therapist’s perceptions of your presenting issues. The therapist has to clarify goals and provide you with the treatment plan, subject to your approval. 

Grievances. In case you find that the service you are receiving is inadequate or inefficient, you may discuss this matter with the therapist. If for any reason, you are uncomfortable sharing your views with the therapist, you may contact the individual or body in charge of counseling or psychological services. 

The other rights include the right to know the educational and experiential background of the therapist; the right to alternative treatment; the right to crisis referral information; and the right to reschedule an appointment. 

What if I have a Complaint concerning a caregiver, agency or regulated facility? 

You may present your complaints to the Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Quality Assurance (DQA). This division is responsible for the safety, health, and welfare of clients ( Boyle and Gamble, 2014 ). If you perceive that the caregiver, agency or regulated facility has failed to comply with State and Federal Laws regarding regulated entities, you may forward your concerns with the DQA preferably via telephone or the DQA website link for complaints. 

What if I want to go directly to court over a perceived violation of client rights? 

You are required to exhaust your administrative options first before you are allowed to file a lawsuit ( Boyle and Gamble, 2014 ). This means that you have to go through the grievance procedure before you can go directly to court with client right violation allegations. 

Where can I find detailed information regarding my rights as a client? 

The Bill Of Rights of individuals receiving psychological services answers most of the questions that may come up regarding therapy and lists the client’s rights and obligations. It is barely an official bill of rights; however, it is a statement of what you would expect to find in the therapeutic process ( Castonguay and Hill, 2007 ). Any further concerns you may have that are not included in this statement may be forwarded to the therapist for clarification. 


Boyle, C., & Gamble, N. (2014).    Ethical practice in applied psychology . Oxford University Press. 

Castonguay, L. G., & Hill, C. E. (2007).    Insight in psychotherapy . American Psychological Association. 

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