17 Jun 2022


Future Perspectives in Social Psychology

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Question 1 

Social psychology is a branch of psychology, which deals with factors that led people to behave in a particular manner in the presence of visitors, friends, family members, and any other person in the community. It also deals with social interactions and its effects on the people interacting. Issues that require social psychologists in the society include violence and aggression, prejudice and discrimination, and social influence ( Ross & Nisbett, 2016 ). Violence and aggression are the common issues faced by many people in the society. In an environment that many people interact, disagreements result in violence and social psychologists are required to address the issues. Prejudice and discrimination occur in learning institutions, home, and workplaces where professionals in the field of psychology are required to address the issues. 

Friends influence many people especially the youth to an extent that they engage in illegal activities. Such people are greatly affected in their life and social psychologists should be available to help them in the society ( Hogg, 2016 ). Such exists in the contemporary society due to the social interaction happening between different groups of people in the society in the workplace, home, learning institutions, and any other gathering places. During interactions, social influences, discriminations, violence and many other issues occur and social psychologists are needed to intervene. 

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Question 2 

Considering the current happenings in the society, many issues might occur in future, which needs the attention of social psychologists to intervene and help the victims. Currently, the world is transforming to the digital era, which has both positive and negative effects to the people ( Milburn, 2016 ). Cyber bullying is likely to be a major problem affecting the youths in future. The youths are exposed to many things in the internet and social media where they will be coerced to immoral activities. With the increase in the populations and decreasing the resources, violence and disagreements are likely to increase at an alarming rate because everyone will be fighting for the limited resources ( Gross & McIlveen, 2016 ). 


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