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Get Hired!: Winning Strategies to Ace the Interview

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Paul C. Green illustrates how people should handle issues related to a career in his book, “Get Hired! Winning Strategies to Ace the Interview”. Green attempts to get the idea of giving up from the peoples’ mind by insisting that people should adapt to the current changes in the competition and cope up with the available job market. 

In the first chapter, Green was approached by his longtime friend and a workmate, who told him that he was fired and his career terminated. Green’s friend said that he had no hope for the job and he had given up in his career. According to the book, Green told him to get ready and compete with the fast-changing job market. “…the job market is changing at a breakneck speed. That’s your real competition. You are competing against change.” (Green, 2006, p. 38).  Also, Green states that preparation is the first step to take for any career choice. 

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The way to address an interview is easy since it requires attention.Green described in his book that the interview requires on to master the main questions and answers them for the benefit of the interviewee. He compared the interview to a baseball game, where the interviewee is the batter, and the interviewer is the pitcher. Likewise in an interview, there are the dos and don’ts that the interviewer is expected to adhere to according to Green. The don’ts are merely things to avoid like asking about the salaries, the challenges you got traveling and the environment. 

Generally, Green tries to educate the people on the right way to handle cases related to interviewing in a given job. The fact that someone feels that a given career is out of reach, he connects ideas that help people realize their ability and move on with the competitive job market. The key message is to maintain the desired rapport for the interview. 


Green, P. (2006).  Get hired!: winning strategies to ace the interview . Skilfast Incorporated. 

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