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Global Citizens Assignment: How to Make a Difference in the World

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Nearly every aspect of our lives requires the use of communication skills to facilitate communication. Every day, people use language alongside other skills to convey their feelings, thoughts, associate with other people, identify with their culture as well as connect with the surrounding. This assists in cross cultural communication as well as in connecting with people in different settings. The following are three communication events in which I was involved:

Communication Events

Event 1

In the first case, I was in a group discussion concerning vital aspects of a group assignment with the other members of my group. We sat around a table and being classmates, we were all familiar with each other and began by shaking hands. Everyone had their computers and showed genuine interest in the subject matter. Everyone had a chance to speak and listen to the other members of the group. We discussed on various aspects of the assignment and approaches of successfully tackling the task at hand. At some point we would disagree but the diversity of opinions only enhanced our interaction resulting in a fruitful discussion. 

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In analyzing this communication event, the first thing that manifested was a ritualistic touch through shaking hands. Vocalics took place as we all varied our tones and volumes of speaking while stressing our points of view. As seen in the sitting arrangement, the concept of social distance applied as we were all casual acquaintances. The stages of effective listening showed, beginning with hearing, and remembering the group members’ names. Understanding and interpreting took place along with evaluating the opinions of each member followed by appropriate responding. 

Event 2

In the second case, I was talking with my brother regarding the career option that he had chosen. I presented various facts on the requirements that the career would demand from him. He concentrated and responded constructively, even raised concerns that we explored through the discourse. I asked him about his readiness to explore a different career path, of which he appeared offended. He asserted his position and maintained that his mind was made up and nothing would change it.

As seen in this event, the concept of intimate distance manifested through the zone of space willingly occupied only with intimate friends, family members, and romantic partners” ( Floyd, 2014). Being my brother, I embraced the relational theory on positivity by maintaining a friendly approach in discussing the issue.

Event 3

The third case involved communication with an attendant at a grocery store. I sought to enquire about the suppliers as I needed to make comparisons to get the best supplier in the line of groceries. The attendant responded to some of my questions until some point where did not seem to be listening. It seemed that the person was only focused on their phone and was actively engaged in texting. Furthermore, he could not maintain a steady posture and kept fidgeting in their seat. At times, he would interject rudely without waiting for their turn to speak.

In analyzing this event, the nonverbal communication concept applied through my dressing code. Being casually dressed worked to my disadvantage as it eliminated any sense of authority on my part. 


I aim to improve my communication with others through various concepts learned in this course. Firstly, I seek to become a better listener during discussions through focusing “ attention on what the other person is saying ” instead of my response. I will also use paraphrasing to enhance the aspect of understanding in the listening process. This will go hand in hand with maintaining eye contact and physical appearance to enhance the nonverbal aspect of communication. Regarding relational maintenance behaviors, my efforts will focus on being friendly and jovial, especially when engaging with friends and family members. In professional settings, I will work on being courteous to my colleagues and abstaining from criticism. This will therefore equip me with the skills towards improved communication. 


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