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Need help with your essay about globalization? Struggling with overwhelming workloads or having to deal with tight deadlines? It’s ok, we’ve got you covered. With lots of free globalization essays available here, you’ll definitely find some good ideas for your own winning paper. We’ve collected many helpful examples on this page. So, every our reader struggling with their studies could find something useful here. Besides that, we’ve added some writing tips and guidelines. Let’s go and check this information together!

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Factors That Least Affect the Global Environment

Introduction Kutz (1) defines environmental degradation as the destruction of habitats and ecosystems and the depletion of natural resources. The destruction of the environment arises from a combination of both...

Words: 1188

Pages: 4

Views: 89

17 Sep 2023

Technology in the Global Economy

In the past few years, the globalization has escalated considerably due to technological advance and applications. Due to technology, the world has become a village. For instance, in the transport market, vehicles...

Words: 552

Pages: 2

Views: 87

Global Health and Issues in Disease Prevention

The broader population-focused determinants that influence health inequalities and inequities challenge the traditional approach for assessing health. These focus on health inequities by emphasizing on the...

Words: 326

Pages: 1

Views: 106

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The Challenges and Threats in the Global Business Environment

The global business environment is very diverse and adaptive to the various factors that constitute it. These global companies are surrounded by an array of changing perspectives in economic, geographical,...

Words: 1794

Pages: 5

Views: 67

The United nations Global Security: International Health

The main points in the case study is that the United Nations through World Health Organization (WHO) has been actively involved in the worldwide quest for promotion of health. The WHO’s top priorities at its...

Words: 1081

Pages: 4

Views: 148

Decolonizing Global Health

The current global health system is incompetent in dealing with global health issues that pose massive threats to the world population. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the notion of decolonizing global health has...

Words: 274

Pages: 1

Views: 93

Governing and Managing International/Global Organizations

In chapter 17, Worth (2013) underscores the role of international and global organizations in development. He also explores the organization, management, and structuring of international and global organizations....

Words: 700

Pages: 1

Views: 53

Global Economic and Political Issues

Economists and legislators argue about the comparative advantages of free and fair trade. Even though both concepts focusses on a holistic method to commercial activity, individuals who appreciate one method over the...

Words: 342

Pages: 1

Views: 78

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Malaria: A Global Public Health Issue

Introduction Malaria is one of the contemporary public health issues affecting approximately 40% of the world’s populace which amounts to 2.4 billion individuals. It is prevalent in tropical and subtropical...

Words: 834

Pages: 3

Views: 83

The Impact of Global Culture on Nursing

Introduction The increased cultural is an issue that is not only affecting the healthcare sector but also almost all industries across the globe. Globalization has enhanced international exchanges and...

Words: 1134

Pages: 4

Views: 196


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What Is a Globalization Essay

Let’s begin with a definition of a globalization essay. Such essays talk about interactions between people, organizations, nations, and states occurring on the global level. Numerous outcomes and problems may arise because of that, making this kind of writing quite complicated but interesting.

These processes can be examined from various aspects: economic, political, cultural, etc. Discussing such topics requires significant knowledge about them in addition to good writing skills. You need to conduct some serious research on your general subject prior to writing your paper. We’ll provide more tips on this below.

Globalization Essay Example for Students in English

Need help with your globalization college essay? You’ll find many good examples here. All of them are absolutely free to read and use for your inspiration. 

Before writing your text you should analyze your topic thoroughly. Which interacting entities (people, companies, or governments) will you talk about? What aspect will you examine them from? Economic, social, cultural, ethnic, or religious? Answering these questions will help you understand what sources you will need for your work. Take our analysis essay example and see how to make a proper analysis.

Finding reliable sources should be your next step. Depending on your essay’s size (e.g. 200 or 2000 words) you may or may not need to use many citations in your text. But in any case, you should base your essay on solid evidence as it is not fiction writing.

Let’s find out what it requires to write a short essay on globalization for students.

Globalization Essay 200 Words

If your task is writing a short essay on this topic, you should focus on providing detailed definitions. Add comprehensive explanations as well. At the same time, you should stay very brief and concise. You can also skip adding quotes or citations to your text because this limit won’t allow them. However, your essay must be based on valid evidence nevertheless. 

We’ve got a short essay example available here for you. Go ahead and check it out or download it as a pdf. You can reuse its format for your own work. Get some inspiration from it. Just make sure you’re not copying it, completely or partially.

Globalization Essay 2000 Words

If your word limit is big, your topic may include a more detailed analysis of a selected problem. More context concerning your topic should be provided. More complicated assumptions and conclusions are to be given at the end. And of course, you’ll need proper sources. Make sure to format all quotes and citations in your essay properly. Also, an essay of such a level needs to be carefully reviewed.

Keep in mind that we have a top-notch words to pages tool you can use anytime. Know how many pages your essay should be in no time.

We’ve got a 2000 words long such essay example here. Go ahead and check out or download it as a pdf. You can reuse its format or get some ideas for your own work. Just make sure you’re not copying it, completely or partially.

Globalization Essay Outline

Your globalization essay outline is an important step that should never be skipped. Once you write and review it carefully, finding major flaws and making necessary corrections would be much easier. 

Let’s have a look at the proposed sample and show step by step how it is done. The topic of this example is the role of international trade in globalization.

Example of globalization essay outline


  • Your thesis statement should be made clear enough. E.g. “International trade creates the economic basis for political and cultural integration processes.” 
  • Add several phrases to highlight the context. E.g. talk about how global trade connections incentivize it.

Main body

  • Prepare at least three paragraphs without using any complete sentences at this stage. You may look into the history of international trade. Talk about the benefits and challenges of global integration.
  • Ensure your paragraphs are logically connected.


  • Summarize the role of international trade. Make some interesting commentary to impress your readers.

Globalization Essay Introduction

Any troubles with your essay on globalization introduction? Here are some easy guidelines for writing one.

  • Give your thesis statement a full and clear sentence only. It should be interesting enough and raise your readers’ awareness.
  • Make some brief explanations about the connection of your thesis to the main topic problems or the reasons why it is relevant. After this step, your readers should clearly understand what you will tell them.
  • Keep your introduction brief, just one paragraph long. Main information, explanations, and supporting materials should be given in the main body part. Make sure you don’t say anything twice.

A sample is available below, free to read or download. Check it to find how these tips get practically implemented.

Example of globalization essay introduction

Globalization is an interaction and integration process among companies, government or people from various nations. This process is embraced by investment and international trade supported by information technology. Globalization has impacts on cultural, environmental, and political systems, physical well-being, prosperity and economic development. Globalization is an historical development that is described in relation to the old processes. It started centuries ago from Africa and spread to other countries across the world. The concept of globalization is driven by the need to exchange ideas and improve individual’s lives through technology. Global inclusiveness has contributed much to interdependence and interconnectedness.

Thesis Statement About Globalization

A good thesis statement about globalization should ask unexpected questions or shed light on some aspects of the problem that are often overlooked. Let’s look at the sample below to have a better image of how it should look.

Example of thesis statement about globalization

While it creates cultural connections between various countries, international trade can ruin domestic markets unless sensible countermeasures are taken.

Here you agree with the obvious benefits this process brings. But you also point at grave issues that may arise in the long term. Such constructions can trigger your reader‘s curiosity and contribute to your essay’s success.

Check out other examples available here. There are more creative thesis statements there!

Globalization Essay Body Paragraph

Wondering how you should write your paragraph on globalization? Check out the example available below. In addition, we have several tips for you.

  • Provide your key points as well as the main descriptions in this part. We advise our users to take a look at descriptive writing examples in our library. A good essay should address both pros and cons of described processes. This shows your deep knowledge of your topic.
  • Break down your main part into 2 – 4 paragraphs. Ensure a smooth transition and logical connections between them. 300 words in total are usually enough. If you have 3 paragraphs, make 100 words for each.
  • Provide valid data and evidence for your descriptions and assumptions except for some basic facts or common knowledge. Format your references properly.

Our available samples here are completely free to use. You can read or download them as pdf. Go ahead and borrow any ideas. Just keep your own work 100% original.

Globalization paragraph example

In regards to political, economic and socio-cultural factors involved in globalization, there are both positive and negative factors. In regards to social culture, it affects various directions. It represents a challenge to local languages and culture.  According to United Station’s research, more than half of local languages across the globe will start disappearing (French, 1987).  This will lead to cultural marginalization.  Economic and scientific superiority of the United States and information technology flow helped in ensuring that some languages are accepted and used across various countries. It ensured that English is used in developing and underdeveloped countries as the second language. It is indisputable that the language has enormous effects on one’s culture and its dominance contributes to development of intercontinental and global cultures which will ensure that the customs, values and traditions of some societies are marginalized.

Advantages of Globalization Essay

In most cases, you’ll need to list certain advantages in globalization essay you’re preparing. It might be important for your reader to learn why this process occurs and which groups or entities support it. Or your goal might be telling them about the importance of economic or cultural integration.

The following advantages can be mentioned:

  • Profits are generated by international trade.
  • Ease of traveling across the world. 
  • Familiarity with other cultures.
  • Better awareness about global problems, etc.

You can find more ideas and different advantages in our sample essays available here. Feel free to search and browse them!

Disadvantages of Globalization Essay

Mentioning some globalization essay disadvantages might also be useful for your paper. Like nearly any other process in the world, global integration has certain downsides. And you wouldn’t want to miss them in your essay and make it sound less objective because of that.

The following common disadvantages can be taken into account:

  • The disappearance of local cultures.
  • The decline of small languages.
  • Losses are taken by domestic markets being overwhelmed by foreign goods.
  • Less influential/developing countries losing their sovereignty, etc.

More useful information and helpful ideas can be found in other related examples. Go ahead and check them out – they are totally free!

Globalization Essay Conclusion

Now let’s talk about writing an excellent conclusion about globalization. First of all, this section should summarize all the explanations you’ve provided about your thesis. At the same time, it should be quite brief. One paragraph taking less than 25% of the entire volume or 150 words would suffice. A conclusion of globalization essay should contain only major assumptions. Don’t use any reference material at this stage – all your references and citations need to be provided in the main body.

Check out our sample below. You might find some helpful ideas there or reuse its style. Just make sure you don’t copy any part of it because only 100% original essays should be submitted.

Example of conclusion for globalization essay

Globalization has done more than just improvements in the economic sphere. Globalization has improved global welfare and relations. It has led to the collapse of boundaries and opened countries for effective interactions socially, economically, culturally and politically. The skeptics argue that many other deadly adverse effects outweigh the benefits of globalization. The hyper-globalizers, on the other hand, support that this process has improved the global economic relations.

Importance of Globalization Essay

Looking for an easy student globalization essay? We’ve got plenty! This essay type is very popular among various schools in the US, UK, and EU. Such topics are often suggested for senior school and college grades. Students should be able to properly describe and analyze global integration processes, highlighting their major aspects. For example:

  • Pros and cons
  • Certain industries or cultural niche significance
  • Outcomes for certain countries, societies or groups, and so on.

Providing solid evidence for such assumptions and proper usage of reference materials is no less important. As a result, students can demonstrate their abilities to understand complex processes and perform a detailed analysis of their reasons and outcomes.

Check out the examples we’ve collected here to see how it is implemented there.

Globalization Essay Topics

Finally, here are some great topics about globalization. In case your assignment allows you to choose your own subject, feel free to check them out and pick the one most relevant to your interests.

Here are globalization topics we’ve picked for you:

  1. Cultural impact of globalization on Far Eastern countries.
  2. Place of local businesses in the globalized economy.
  3. Is globalization an outcome of imperialism?
  4. Integrated markets and sophistication of businesses.
  5. Impact of globalization on developing countries.
  6. Financial crisis of 2008 as an element of the globalized economy.
  7. How ethical frameworks change because of globalization.
  8. Social effects of globalization on the IT industry.
  9. Globalization and national security.
  10. How and why globalization will increase/decrease its pace in the 21st century.

Found anything interesting? If not, check out other content available on our website. We’ve got many more topic suggestions for other areas.

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FAQ About Globalization Essay

1. Are your globalization essay examples free?

Sure, you can use any globalization essay for free. You can read them from our website or download them as pdf and open them on your own device. Check out their style and structure and reuse some of that in your own original work if you need. Or just use them for boosting your creativity.

2. How to start an essay about globalization?

Start your globalization essays with strong thesis statements. Writing a good one requires some research and thorough brainstorming. It should be concise, written in simple words but at the same time captivating for your audience. And don’t forget about providing enough context right at the start.

3. Can I submit one of your globalization essay?

No! Each sample of globalization content published here cannot be submitted as an original text anywhere. Even if you copy a part of it into your work, this would count as plagiarism and will likely result in your submission being rejected. Keep in mind that your professor can easily check for even small plagiarism using special tools for text analysis.

4. What is the main benefit of globalization essay?

Writing your best essay on globalization allows you to show off your analytical capabilities in addition to your writing skills. If you can explain different effects and reasons for such complex processes in simple words, it means that you’ve accumulated enough knowledge on related subjects.


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