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Globalization and Risk management

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Risk management 

The primary goal of the international trade is aimed to create social cohesion among most of the trading countries do this with a social aim to enhance social cohesion among the countries. As observed by Wolke (2017 ), the primary concept and aim of globalization are meant to endure that all the countries are participating in this, secure a mutual beneficial factor. Furthermore, this promotes the economic growth of the counties involved. Through this, it is quite significant to both the differential economic growth of the countries. To achieve this, it is quite essential to put a considerable measure that insulates this acts from the terrorist participation which may be aimed to divert or harm the activities of the trade. 

The concept of risk management is a critical component that has profoundly been contextualized to ensure that most of the business flourish in the modern world. In this manner, in as much as we thrive for the international trade, there is a significant and higher need to contextualize and understand the need to evade or correct the situation. 

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According to Wolke, (2017 ), Globalization has by far opened the world into vulnerabilities of terrorist attacks; the advantage has been executed in line with the activities that are carried out during the transactions or congregations. However, with the idea and knowledge of these threats, businesses are still thriving to make a fortune in the deserted and complex environment. 

Short-term measures are widely used at work. This is determined and cartelized by the leadership skills within the organization. To being with, the concept and idea of narrowing and obtaining information if the employees is a commonly used method to ensure that most of the workers’ behaviors and characters are well observed. 

Just like any other business is entitled to managing the emanating risk that occurs in the industry, globalization has also played a critical concept to eradicate terrorism in the face of the universe. Long-term measures such as intelligence sources within the nation are developed to ensure that businesses have free and fair exercising of their daily activities. 

With the use of intelligence, terrorist attacks are relatively easy to conduct. In this aspect, the businesses can thrive. With the consideration of these intelligence reports, industries such as the restaurants, airports are well insulated from this evil act of terrorist. 

Secondly, this can be attained through the integration of the minorities within the organization to have a sense of belonging to the organization. Through this, managers can integrate the cultural practices of the minorities to ensure that the organizations are well secured. 

On the other hand, foreign companies that have established different working condition are entitled to the low of protection from the federal government. Through this, the companies can freely determine their business I any geographical area of their preferences. 

Response 2 

Can social media constitute a risk to our national security? 

The basic concept of social media is to enhance communication, the fact that we pay more attention to the issues of connectivity, the aspect and magnitude of social media contributing to the national security threat is a discussion worth to shun a spotlight on it. 

Every time, the idea and the aspect of the communication is aimed to ensure that there is quite significant and quick connection between different bodies ( Coombs, 2016 ). In this manner, social media has profoundly exposed by far our most secrets to the outside world. The idea of supplying the social networks with our confidential information has had a piece of its share. It has been quite easier for the terrorist to locate their target. With the use of the mass audience media, it is significant to note the highest and most densely populated areas of the city to carry out their mission. Furthermore, this gives an opportunity for the terrorist to select their targets with ease. 

National security is a critical consideration in most nations which it promotes peace and harmony. However, governments profoundly face a more significant challenge with the regards to security challenges that profoundly emanate from the social media ( Coombs, 2016 ). Even though social media may not be a challenge to itself, the sole challenge has deliberately exuded and profoundly affected the national security by the numerous post that is packed on this website. 

It is quite easy for the terrorist groups to notice the routine population of the people within the mass congregations. With this, the groups can estimate the magnitude of damage that they are likely to cause in the case of carrying the action. 

Due to our innocence and negligence, we strive on a daily basis to post and confirm our geographical locations. In as much as we can use the platform to gather more people within a single geographic area, this becomes a soft spot for the terrorist groups to attack. Threats such as cyber-terrorism and fraud are the frequent attacks that have profoundly been used. 

The social media is a convenient tool to disrupt the national activities and functionality; the groups tend to choose this groups due to their accessibility and flexibility to reach the mass targeted audience. Social media is cheap and easy to use for this case, there is a higher number of users rooming and accessing the platform. Through this, there is very minimal restriction that filter and keep track of the terrorist associated activities. Moreover, the platform owners are afraid of contemplating these users for fear of losing their customers or popularity of the site. Through this, the birth and grooming of the national security are at a higher level. 


Coombs, W. T. (2016). Digital Naturals and the Effects of Social Media on Disaster Communication. In State, Society and National Security: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century (pp. 183-191). 

Wolke, T. (2017). Risk Management . Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG. 

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