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How Probing Can Help In Building A Platform For Opening Up On The Party That Is Being Counseled

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Case of Stan 1 Chapter 4 

When it comes to psychotherapy theories they offer a better framework that therapists and counselors utilize to know their clients behaviors that causes for same. For this case, the therapist is having a seventh session with Stan, where there are a number of interesting aspects that are evident within this session. The first interesting aspect is how probing can help in building a platform for opening up on the party that is being counseled. Stan opens up to give his mindset after the counselor’s probing. The other interesting aspect is how good listening skills can help relieve the fear in the process of counseling. It is evident that when the counselor acts in the capacity of being both a good speaker and a good listener he allows Stan to talk about the past events without fear. In this way, Stan is relieved from the fear of talking about his past, which creates a platform for communication between the two. For instance, the counselor allows Stan to contain his fear of the counseling process; the counselor was like a blank a mute screen to allow the Stan to come up with his story according to the reflections of the past. 

If I were counseling Stan and was using the psychoanalysis or psychodynamic theory I could use the technique of dream analysis where I would like to accomplish what happens within his unconscious world. In this situation, I could try to get “inside the head” of my client to make the actual sense of what transpired and what Stan really experienced. Figuring out the experiences of the life of Stan would be the best ideology that could help in the formation of the requirements of the counseling process. On the other hand, if I were the client, I would be more reflective on my responses and be more controversial in terms of responses. In this case, being more reflective would help in digging more advisory information, while being controversial would help the client to give a feedback that could help in the case of future incidences of similar or related experiences. By being controversial, I would not give obvious and positive responses the way Jerry does. 

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Case of Stan 2 Chapter 5 

In this case the counselor is using the Adlerian counseling therapy. From this session, there are number of interesting scenario. First, a sound counseling process involves helping the client to comprehend the thoughts and emotions as a way of building a platform for the counseling process. In this case, the counselor uses the illustrative method to make Stan to comprehend his thoughts and emotions by illustrating some of the problems which Adlerian faced while young. It is also interesting to note that using real life experiences can help the client to open up and speak about the problems under question. By using the real life experiences in the life of Adlerian, the counselor makes Stan to understand that he is not the only one with real life problems. It is also interesting to note that sound listening and communication skills are vital when it comes to counseling and in this case the counselor is quite impressive on that aspect. 

In the event that I was to counsel using this theory, then would use the technique that takes the approach of INSIGHT + ACTION = CHANGE. Through this, I will accomplish the aspect of making the client to stop feeling inferior and ensure that he moves away from negative influences that lower his self esteem. It needs to explore how the individual’s feels valued within his life and get ways of making him more comfortable with his own life. By that, the client will get connected to his own life and feel the value of whatever it is even it means it is within the negative levels. The action part of the counseling will focus on nurturing the positive change to the clients and that will result to the change required for Stan. As a client you need to talk more and open to probes of the counselor so as to get a better response and allow him know your woes. 

Case of Stan (Chapter 6) 

One of the most interesting things about this session is where the counselor applies the existential theory to allow Stan to understand what is real and what nature ought to be. The counselor does not give preference to any specific technique but instead takes key traits that any human being has to have. It looks freedom as the most key factor when the clients are making their decisions. The other interesting issue is that making a human being to understand nature is a proactive approach that can help one to solve internal problems. It is evident that when the counselor assists Stan in knowing what nature holds for him and for other people, Stan is able to reflect upon his life and start up a healing process towards the problems evident in his life. The theory goes further from solving the immediate problems but is quite interesting that is more of a life changing approach. So the approach explores the meaning and values at the same time learning to stay holistically. 

If I were to counsel Stan one of things I would explain to him the concepts that make life meaningful. Then later allow him to explain or allow him choose those that he feels can offer solution to issues disturbing. Throughout the counseling process, I have to let him take a lead role. As a client I have to respond appropriately and openly to all the interventions of the counselor. There would be no need to have fear and would be better to also probe so as he can provide with wherever I may get stuck during the session. To achieve this, it is vital to note that when one is making a personal assessment, there must be a platform for knowledge o the path that a client ought to take and in this case the counselor must allow the client to be proactive in giving solutions to their own problems. 

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