14 Oct 2022


How Religion Can Relate to Business Success

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Religion and businesses are two parallel institutions but have a deep need to blend and work together. The religion has always urged its believers that hard work is the ethical way for survival. Sticking to such teachings has always been in the heart and mind of the employees that they believe in it. An employee works hard, save more and in this way, seek economic success and helping organisations achieve their company goals and objectives as an accurate reflection of a diligent faith. This paper is indebted to address how religion and business relate to the success of the business and boosting the work morale of its religious employees. 

Ford motor company is not the only business entity caught in between the lines of religion and business. Companies like Texas Instruments, American Airlines, and Intel Corp. are some of the organisations that have supported Religion at a workplace in their secular activities. They accept the fact that interfaith-based employee resource groups spices up the workforce diversity goals and contributes to the bottom line through employee recruitment, development, and retention of these workers. Such move impresses the customers who are attached o associated with these businesses. It enhances the organisation 's position in the marketplace. 

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Religious inclusive brings about social convergence trends, and most workers who believe in religion will tend to protect their faith and consider it critical. Other corporate try to bring in ethics in their businesses, but through these religious groups, they will achieve such to some extent since employees attached to a particular religion will always conduct themselves by the faith doctrines. According to Emami and Nazari (2012), n o faith disregards ethics at any cost. Those employees who believe in religious faith always tend to bring in their faith and spiritual values to the workplace. They always feel welcomed, are happier, are more productive, and are always willing to stay longer in the company so as to help the company achieve its goals as asserted by Emami and Nazari (2012). 

Ford Motor Company encourages religious at workplaces. They have formed a Ford Interfaith Network that deals with the issues of the employee faith affair regarding religion. This network sends electronic newsletters to the Ford employee encouraging them to observe the National Day of Prayer with the readings from eight different faiths. By so doing, the company is bringing close religion and work together so as to make the people feel their personal believes well-taken care. The main reason for the start of the Ford Interfaith Network was to avoid favouring a specific faith, and so, the company had to come with a way of including all the religions into a single thing. 

Even though some organisations support these organised interfaith programs, some don't buy this idea as the claim that any religious activities associated with the business group should be entirely voluntary and should work on its time schedules and not go contrary to the works place time. They claim that companies must be cautious about such faith-based groups as they can make those employees who are not of any religious faith feel detested. It is a form of religious and social prejudice. 

Therefore, religion is positively associated with business as it drives into business the moral values that are admirable to the growth and development of business entities. The interfaith groups in the business organisations are very crucial in the creation of a fair business environment where the employees correlate well with each other regardless of the religious and cultural beliefs. Even though an employer might not buy the idea of an organised religious group in business, he or she must acknowledge the need for religion in business as asserted by Miller and Ewest (2013). 


Emami, M., & Nazari, K. (2012). Entrepreneurship, religion, and business ethics. 

Miller, D. W., & Ewest, T. (2013). Rethinking the impact of religion on business values: Understanding its reemergence and measuring its manifestations. In    Dimensions of Teaching Business Ethics in Asia   (pp. 29-38). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 

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