20 Jun 2022


How Science Has Made NASCAR Safer

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Sports are an important part of our culture. Since time memorial sports have been used to entertain, to raise income, for physical fitness and to cement relationships. We have different sports that many engage in: physical sports like aerobics, gliding, football, cricket, tennis and many more. These are the common known games in the world. We also have mind games like video games and speed games. Recently we have seen the evolution of physics-based sports such as formula 1 and NASCAR. In this essay, we discuss the impact of science in the NASCAR sport. 

The idea behind NASCAR is the physics of speed. It is important to note that the movement at high speed is all an operation of the correct applications of physics. Comparing the cars that were there in the 1970s and today, we can see that there have been a lot of changes made on the chassis of the vehicles to enable them move faster. Science has contributed in numerous ways. For example, the windshield of the vehicle is made of Lexan, a soft but durable material whose properties allow for better viewing and more tensile strength in the case of an accident. While the material can be scratched due to its softness, it is very hard to break even on impact thereby making it very durable. Chemistry is thus involved in the making of these vehicles to ensure that there is a maximum emphasis on safety of the sport while it may be a high-adrenaline activity. 

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Safety practice in the sport is one of the exciting developments that have been made in the course of time so that the majority of the gear that drivers wear are made to ensure that the driver is least exposed to danger. Everything from the helmet to the interior design of the vehicle is geared towards providing safety. The chemistry behind their development is especially key in understanding their operations. Having considered these issues in the NASCAR sport, I believe there is a better chance of surviving better. Now that I know the emphasis on safety, I can now comfortable believe that this game is not for those living to die. With the correct application of safety practice, you can have a successful NASACR career. 


Rohrig, B. (2007). The Science of NASCAR. Retrieved from Chem Matters: https://www.acs.org/content/dam/acsorg/education/resources/highschool/chemmatters/articlesbytopic/thermochemistry/chemmatters-feb2007-nascar.pdf . 

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