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How the Visual Pathways Work

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What is the point of the center-surround detection system? 

The point of the center-surround detection system is the process where the ganglion cells are activated that takes place around the retina. The process takes place when the photoreceptors receive signals from the activated area. The photoreceptors' activation influences the area where the receptive field. Photoreceptors inhibit the gangling cell that is located in the retina for the detection to take place. Detection is made sharper when the illusion takes place in a smaller area than the more significant vicinity. The linear array can easily activate the cell orders in higher quantity when the receptive field surrounds them. The process also helps improve the retinal ganglion cells (RGC). The spatial difference in the intensity of light happens due to the difference in esthetical pleasing color vision. 

How is this information used later in the V1 area of the visual cortex? 

Visual is the system of the organism that is not processed in the brain. The process takes place within the retina part of the eye. The visual cortex is the primary area that receives the lobe's occipital. The right-field hemisphere processes the left visual side. Then the primary visual cortex receives the signal together with the V1 that is next to the skull. V1 is also known as the primary visual cortex. When the LGN are activated, they are terminated in the V1. Within the retina, the visual cortex has neurons reacts vigorously to the visual stimuli. When the V1 has reached the ablating level, there is a possibility of blindness. Therefore the visual sensation is electrically stimulated through the neurons in the retina. Thus, V1 information is used to process colors differently. In colors, there are only three channels opponents like blue versus yellow, red versus, the green color and white versus black. 

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