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How to Avoid Workers Strike in a Business

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A strike is the refusal to work by employees in an organization or business as a form of protest in order to force their employer to accept their demands ( Rhomberg, 2012) . The purpose of a strike is to destabilize the daily activities of the business that leads to financial losses, soured employee relationship, and sometimes destruction of property. This paper’s aim is to explain methods to avoid workers strike in a business.

Consultation and communication

The management in a business should communicate and consult with the employees when making decisions that affect the organization's activities. The management should also conduct regular meetings and feedbacks sessions with the employees. The meetings help the management detect grievances that would develop to a major problem if not solved in the early stages ( Reef, 2007) .

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No strike agreements

The management and the employees can come up with an agreement that entail conditions that both parties have to fulfill. The agreement entails certain conditions set by the employees for the employer to meet and if fulfilled the workers agree not to conduct any strike for a certain period of time ( Aylott, 2014) . An example case is, employees can agree not to conduct a strike in exchange for an increase in their salary.

Create a proper working environment for the workers

A proper working environment is a friendly environment where the employees are equipped with appropriate tools to conduct their daily activities in the business under minimal difficulties ( Aylott, 2014) . This helps the employees conduct their chores easily without avoidable difficulties. The employees should also create a proper working environment by creating a working schedule that is flexible and suitable for all employees. The schedule should entail breaks to break the working monotony.

In conclusion, strikes create negative impacts to a business such as financial losses and sour relationship between the employees and the employer ( Reef, 2007) . It is, therefore, beneficial for businesses to come up with methods to avert the occurrence of a strike. These methods of preventing a strike include frequent and open communication between the employer and the employees, making agreements that help prevent a strike and the management creating a proper working environment for the workers. 


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