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How to Be More Emotionally Intelligent

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Emotional intelligence refers to the novel inherent properties of recognizing and using one’s own and other feelings in forming judgements, thinking and actions states. Throughout history, emotional intelligence has developed interest among researchers. What has followed is the outgrowth of two areas of psychology: cognition and effect and evolution of intelligence models. Cognition and effect dictate how thinking is influenced by emotional and cognitive processes. Emotions like fear, anger, and happiness while associating with mood and bodily states influence people thinking and decision making. While accessing the evolution of intelligence models /// it signals that it is important to overlook emotional intelligence from a single perspective through considering an array of mental abilities. As such, carefully navigating ones every day environment through monitoring own’s and others’ moods to bring out a viable construct.

In their article, Bracket, Rivers & Salovey (2011) identify that in a workplace among those workers who perform well, their emotional intelligence is high while those who perform low their emotions intelligence is low. They further states that unlike intelligent quotient that cannot be changed over a life time, emotional intelligence can be changed. Through eliminating negative emotions, staying cool and managing stress, being assertive, express difficult emotions and showing empathy when necessary. One of the benefits of increasing emotional intelligence is because it helps in managing stress. In a study carried out by Nikolaou & Tsaousis (2002), they identified a negative correlation between work stress and that emotional intelligence. His study involved 212 participants who were administered with emotional intelligence questioners. There were also measured against the organization stress screening tool (ASSET), a device which measures work stress. From this study, to reduce stress, it is important to scale emotional intelligence.

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Further, emotional intelligence can help lead to the development of strong interpersonal relationships. A study was carried out by Lopes, Salovey & Straus to establish if there is any relationship between emotional intelligence and its contribution to perceived quality of interpersonal relationships. The study involved a sample of 103 college students. The researchers used the managing emotions subscale called Mayer, Salovey, and Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCIET) tool to identify their emotional intelligence level. From the study, 63 students who scored high on the MSCIET reveal to having a positive relationship with others while 42 students who scored low on the MSCIET report to not having a good relationship with others. Further, the researches instituted managing personal traits as a way of curving individual’s emotional intelligence. From the study, emotional intelligence and personality traits are a prerequisite for a good relationship.

One person who I have seen use emotional intelligence is my brother. One day, he was faced with the pressure of sacking a person at work. This is because partly he was new to that occupation and that he had to get in tune with own’s ethical and philosophical view. As such, when he reached me I advised him to connect his decision through navigating own fears and worries with the job demands. It is after he recognized his emotional states that he called the right decision of firing him.

The result of not controlling strong emotions through acting on raw feelings is destruction. For example, my employer, one day while at work, a client refused to pay for services rendered. This greatly angered him and decided to lash the client with negative words. Without considering that the client was also a member of board of the company, he lost his job. In another example, one day while at junior high school, one of the classmates Thomas was wrongfully punished. His desk mate, Job, laughed at him and he hit him. Although Tom expected Job to empathize with him, the fact that he did not control his anger rather hit him made him get expelled. As such, it is not Job who made Thomas make the decision but his emotions.


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