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How to Choose Health Insurance: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Alcoholism refers to a chronic disease that debilitates the mind and entire body and is caused by the overdependence on alcohol. Drug abuse on the other refers to the excessive usage of medications leading to addiction (Futures, 2016). Many people suffer from the two diseases that are caused by almost similar factors. The following paper discusses the factors that cause alcoholism and drug abuse. 


A stressful environment makes certain people turn to alcohol and drug use in a bid to forget their problems or be able to deal with them (Futures, 20160. People drink heavily or begin to abuse drugs when they encounter very stressful situations in the lives such as work, loss of loved ones and financial constraints. 

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Peer Influence 

It is often told that young people use drugs and start to drink to fit in a crowd. The usage of drugs and alcohol enables people and especially the young ones to feel as if they are part of their peer groups and “cool” (Futures, 2016). Influence on adults may come from the people they relate or live with. 

Mental Illness 

A strong relationship exists between mental illness and abuse of drugs according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It is found that approximately half of all users of drugs deal with mental issues (Futures, 2016). For instance, most of these users or abusers rather feel that they can sooth the pain that emanates from their mental illness by using drugs or alcohol. 


The world is not entirely the safest place for one to live. In light of this, certain events that take place in the life of one that leave them traumatized for the rest of their lives (Futures, 2016). Such traumatic experiences make it tough for these people to move on with life and as such, some begin to use drugs and take alcohol in an attempt to deal with such. 


Alcoholism and drug abuse are diseases that cause severe effects to a person. The two are caused by various factors that include the environment, trauma, peer influence, and mental illness. 


Futures, (2016). Contributing Factors of Drug Abuse. Futures Palm Beach, 1-5. 

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