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How to Establish Evaluation Criteria

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The evaluation criteria are used to compare and contrast various alternatives without bias during the evaluation of policy study processes. A decision-maker, therefore, ranks the options according to their importance or preference. The criteria comes in hand to makes sure that the objectives and goals adhere when creating policy. However, the requirements must be dealt with technically for their efficiency to prevail ( Patton et al., 2015) . A group involved in the decision-making must come together to define the objectives and goals so that various alternatives may be employed. 

In some cases, as of the politicians, there are different ways of establishing a reliable evaluation criterion because of a particular program ( Patton et al., 2015) . The politician might opt to come up with a general objective such as of the national security in order not to be tied to one goal or solution ( Patton et al., 2015) . This method used by the politician has several weaknesses, such as; they lack significant values to start with and may result in the conflict in policies since one area may forego the benefits to another city in the country. Apart from politicians having numerous objectives, there is also the contradiction of some purposes from several groups in society. In such a situation, the politician must come up with many criteria for each of the objectives laid down on the community ( Patton et al., 2015) . The analyst encounters ethical problems when they fail to come up with the most appropriate objective for the general public welfare. Ethical issues are encountered when the analyst opt for political reasoning than to scientific thinking ( Patton et al., 2015) . The analysts and planners are therefore encouraged to maintain professional and personal ethics when dealing with public interests. 

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There are some evaluation criteria, which are commonly derived from one objective or numerous measures. The kind of actions to be used depends on the nature of the challenge, the alternative strategies, or the program in evaluation ( Patton et al., 2015) . The types of categories used include; technical feasibility, which makes sure that the policy will work technically to achieve its objectives. The second category is the monetary and financial possibility, where the analyst makes sure that the program has economic benefits to the client or the people within the geographical area ( Patton et al., 2015) . All the power groups affected by the program must accept the third criterion, which is the political viability. The last criteria method, which is the administrative operability, states that the application must be implemented by the employees living within the affected region and that the program must be completed within the stipulated time. 


Patton, C., Sawicki, D., & Clark, J. (2015).  Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning--Pearson eText . Routledge. 

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