8 Sep 2022


How to Find Personal Fulfillment

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Success is a general term that can be used to mean different things to different people. Success otherwise, can be simply defined as the accomplishment of life purposes and goals. This paper will aim at expounding more on success and look at some of the ingredients of success and why understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is so important for success. 

Success just like any other achievements in life, depend on ingredients, self-awareness is one of those important ingredients of success. Self-awareness is simply the mastery of ones-self, this can be done through the personal control of attitudes, knowing and being able to control feelings, when one learns how to control individual attitudes through self-awareness, one ends up being able to control the entire emotional state of the body. This leads one to give the right effort towards the achievement of a particular goal therefore empowering one to take effort; one can improve personal self-awareness through reading of self- help books and also identifying personal strengths and weaknesses. 

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Another ingredient of success is self-direction, self- direction is whereby one has the confidence and freedom to make personal choices and making organization of personal work rather than one being told what to do and given direction every now and then. Self-direction is so essential for success because when one chooses service in which one should do, and personally schedule for what works better to be done (Layous, 2014). Positive thinking is also one of the ingredients of success, it is a state of mind in which one expects good results all the time, by expecting favorable results, one ends up having a positive energy that is essential for success. Creating positive thoughts in the mind transforms bodily energy and makes one to be happy in all situations. 

Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses is so important and essential to achievement of success, this is because when one understands personal weakness, and one knows where to put more strength so as to improve. There are external sources that can catapult someone into personal success, mentoring is one of those sources vital for success. 


Layous, K., & Lyubomirsky, S. (2014). The how, why, what, when and who of happiness: Mechanism underlying the success of positive activity interventions positive emotion: Intergrated the light sides and dark sides, 473-495. 

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