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How to Manage a Diverse Workplace

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The supervisor’s anger accrues from the Harold’s capacity to question his supervisor. In suggesting that the project is a waste of time and resources, what Harold unknowingly does is undermine and contradict his supervisor. While his claims may be true and valid, the greatest issues is that he questions a decision made by his supervisor, which is uncommon among the Mexicans. While the rest of the western world may support and empower subordinates to question the wisdom of arriving at various situations, this culture greatly admonished among the Mexicans. This is a factor that can be attributed to the low individualism that characterizes the Mexican culture (Ferraro and Brody, 2015). For most of the Mexicans, supervisors hold the last word in any discussion and their decisions ae not to be questioned. Authorities remain unquestioned and unchallenged among the Mexicans and this often results in the establishment of loyalty rather than competition. 

Mexican supervisors are not open to being challenged and their decisions questioned. In openly challenging the supervisors’ decision of conducting the project and asserting that it is a waste of time, the supervisor’s reaction is but a natural response to a challenge at authority (Ferraro and Brody, 2015). Such cultural issues have tremendously increased within this globalizing world. As the workplace becomes more diverse, the likelihood of cultural clashes occurring is high. Such altercations are likely to result in the development of conflicts within the workplace thus minimizing the efficiency within the company. 

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Ferraro, G., & Brody, E. K. (2015).  Cultural Dimension of Global Business . Routledge. 

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