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How to Prevent External Theft

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The Asics retail store has put in place a number of security measures to ensure that both internal and external thefts are curbed. In my survey, I found that the store has security guards stationed at the entrance of the store. These guards ensure that the people entering the store are not armed for robbery. Security search is done for every person entering the store. Items from outside are also left at the luggage counter to ensure that a person does not sneak in item from the store into their luggage bags (Maggio, 2011). These security guards are also in various parts of the store to ensure that they watch customers as they walk around and nab those found shoplifting. The store provides phones to these guards so that they can be able to electronically communicate with others in and outside the store. 

Another security measure that the store has put in place is the installation of CCTV cameras. The store has more than twenty cameras located in various strategic parts of the store. These cameras are manned by trained personnel from a central point located within the store. The cameras are located outside the store to watch people coming to the store and help identify those armed for robbery and effective measures taken before they carry out the criminal act (Sennewald & Christman, 2011). On several occasions, the cameras installed in the store have located shoplifters who have been apprehended severally. Once the person in the central location notices a shoplifter, he/she sends a signal to the security guard responsible for the location and immediate action is taken of the victim. 

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Other than these security measures, the store has a cybercrime unit that ensures that customers’ credit cards are safe from hackers. There are reported cases where personal information contained in customers credit cards have been hacked and used to withdraw their money from banks or even used to shop (Megaw et al., 2016).) . In order to prevent internal theft, the store should incorporate strict encryption measures that ensure that available customers’ information cannot be retrieved for malicious use by third parties. External theft can also be prevented by increasing the number of sensors at the exit points to detect illegally taken good out of the store. 


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