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How to Start Your Career: A Beginner's Guide

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As the saying goes, Enthusiasm can always find you new doors, but it takes real passion to open them. One of the most useful strategies that Lindsey Pollack proposes is where she urges recent graduates not to risk everything on one endeavor. She advises that one should cast a wider net when considering job opportunities and to refrain from having a narrow view reviewing job advertisements. She gives an example where an accounting graduate only opts to seek for vacancies in accounting firms or chooses a career path that is similar to that of their parents or only decides to seek job opportunities with large reputable organizations. 

When one restricts oneself by making such choices, they miss vast opportunities to work with smaller start-up firms, utilizing skills in a different industry as opposed to the more conventional ones or even taking the chance to try out a new career outside from their specialization. Taking short term job opportunities like temporary jobs are not as desirous as a fulltime permanent position, but will provide continuity and valuable experience not to mention networking opportunities which might lead to bigger better things (Pollak, 2007) 

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As a graduate, it is critical to understand that best way one can prepare for tomorrow is getting ready today. Moreover, since action always yields results, it is therefore important for recent graduates to take the initiative and shake off the fear of failure and disappointment. One can be proactive by engaging human resource departments to find out the status of previously submitted job applications or availability of internship and volunteering opportunities. One can also join relevant professional associations which in addition to offering training will provide excellent networking opportunities with established professionals (Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2017). 

Recruiters are only trying to find people who are the best fit for the organization they represent. In this quest, they tend to go beyond the resume by searching through social media to know more about an individual. If you choose to have a social media presence, you should be aware that whatever goes on therein is not private. With this knowledge, it is of great benefit to maintain a presentable and appropriate profile (Pollak, 2007). 


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Pollak, L. (2007). Getting from college to career: 90 things to do before you join the real world . New York: Collins. 

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