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I selected the "Racial Bias Black/White Adults test” as my first test because a large population of the Americans is racist. It is their nature making the condition hard to change. Many human beings present a bias against those different from them. This racial preference issue modifies behavior. For instance, white doctors having high levels of implicit bias against blacks are less likely to attend to them. These implicit racial biases are rampant because of the messages in media and cultural views, which propose one race being better than the other (Levinson & Smith, 2013). Therefore, identifying the factors behind the high rates of racial bias motivated me to take the "Racial Bias Black/White Adults test” first. 

The outcome of the "Racial Bias Black/White Adults test” is that I have a moderate involuntary liking for the whites. This is after associating the negative and positive words and pictures with either the whites or blacks. I felt embarrassed due to the results because I should be among those campaigning against racism. However, I did not know what generated the score, how to improve it, or how it affects my conduct. Therefore, I gave the judgment a thought that it could not be right (Nier, 2013) . Additionally, the outcome could be due to the unattractiveness of the African-Americans in the pictures presented during the test.

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The test is not valid because I have always thought am a neutral person when it comes to race. My upbringing made me believe that the Blacks, Whites, Asians, and Hispanic are the same. It s eems a primitive test, which an intelligent person can manipulate to suit their wish. Moreover, it requires one to include their personal information like ethnicity and age. This can cause some errors to occur in the final results (Werner & Collani, 2014) . My liking for the African Americans and their culture of honesty, family orientation, and unpretentiousness was not considered during the test.


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