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Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

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Many people in the process of developing a self-concept consider reflected appraisal concept as one of the influences. It is the process of an individual imagining how other people see him/her at home, workplace or any other place of interaction. In most cases, it is considered that the way an individual believes others perceive him/her is the way he/she perceives him/herself. Obviously, everyone makes judgments about objects, events, and people around him/her all over the world ( Fujishin, 2016 ). For example, when an individual is preparing to attend a party, he/she will spend certain period trying to choose the best clothe and shoes. When the person reaches the venue of the party, other people start looking around and discussing the appearance of the individual considering the clothes and shoes he/she wears. In that process, an individual in question will form an opinion about him/herself based on what he/she perceives as the opinion from other people attending the party. 

Reflected appraisal concept can be applied in our day-to-day activities in life to improve interpersonal skills. In fact, many people do take communication process seriously, as they consider it does not cause any harm or influence in their daily lives. Introducing reflected appraisal concept to the people will motivate them to consider improving interpersonal skills. Since the people will understand that other people will form opinions from the manner they communicate, they will try their level best to improve their communication skills. Every individual wants to be associated with positively perceived opinions considering the manner of communication ( Fujishin, 2016 ). When people realize that the public has formed a negative perception on how they communicate, they will try to improve their skills with the aim of correcting the perceptions. When such attitude is developed at home, workplace, and any point of gathering or interaction, interpersonal communications skills will be improved. 

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The Linear model of communication is the earlier conceptual model, which was developed to describe the process of transferring information from the sender to the receiver in one direction. According to the model, the sender will only send the message to the receiver and no response or feedback will receive after sending the message. The sender is considered more prominent in the process of communication and the receiver sometimes even considered as not part of the process ( West & Turner, 2013 ). The model is only applied in mass communication like newspaper, radio, and television. Such model of communication is not applicable in general human interaction because responses and feedback are lacking. It has various components including sender, encoding, decoding, message, channel, receiver, and noise. 

The Linear model of communication can be applied in the process of improving interpersonal relations among interacting individuals. Most of the news presented in newspapers, radio, and television are gathered from the activities undertaken by the individuals in their daily lives. After gathering the information, it will be presented in form of news to the same people and they will understand what they are doing and even carrying out their daily activities with ease. Such background is very important in improving interpersonal communication skills ( West & Turner, 2013 ). After understand that the news presented, everyone will strive to improve his/her daily activities and interpersonal communication skills. Since the news reported is composed of both negative and positive activities undertaken by the people. With everyone’s desire to be associated with the positive reporting of news from different channels, they will struggle to improve their interpersonal skills in the process of communication in their daily activities. 


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