14 May 2022


Instructional and Transitional Planning for Students

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Part 1:

Questions about your teaching assignment before it begin, including any requests for additional information

What kind of specialty is contained from among learners before the learning process begins?

In what ways can the special needs of the learners be addressed efficiently?

What is the main idea to be generated to the learners so that they are aware of the objective of the study before the study begins?

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What must be done to emulate this process and make it even more effective and successful in the future?

What additional information is needed for the study or for the facilitator to contribute effectively towards the teaching process?

What effects are generated from the teaching process, and which are influential in deriving the best forms of the study?

In what ways will the study be termed as successful?

What are the parameters to indicate the success and failure of the lessons apart from the achievement of the set goals and objectives?

Questions of fellow teachers and administration

What is the contribution of a teacher to learning and teaching process?

In what ways can the process of learning be seen as a success based on what the teacher has accumulated and offered for the study?

Is it necessary that a teacher be there for learning to take place even if it involves a special group?

Can any teacher teach at any level of understanding or grade with no problem being felt from the side of the learners?

What are some of the challenges that are going to be faced in the process of assembling the materials and executing the teaching and learning process?

Information needed before the end of the first week of school

Before the end of the first week of school, different pieces of information have to be availed. They include:

Class seating arrangement for all the learners

Class lesson plan for every single lesson to be executed to the learners

Class schemes of work providing the long-term and short-term coverage to be made by the learners and the teacher

A system of analysis and examination that offers a lineage of student performances in different class engagements and assessment materials

Class registration detailing the basic information that is required for the teacher to have a total control of the classroom

Teaching materials including aids, diorama, among others, most of which are crucial in the realization of success of the lessons scheduled

Material resources for the learning process, including books, pens, maps, graphs, among others

Rationale for each item citing both the text and “Class Profile” as appropriate

Effectiveness in facilitating the study process

Success in their applicability to the particular fields of study

Reliability in their use

Validity of the content to be passed to the learners

Ease to use and to be understood while in use

Availability of the materials so that they won’t be available today and missing tomorrow

The economic ability of the materials

The technological engagement to facilitate teaching and learning

Part 2:

Three Possible Ways to Structure the Classroom Setting

All the learning structures are supposed to take fifty minutes. Every learning process needs to focus on the maximum utilization of the time offered besides creating an effective teaching and learning process (Reeves, 2011). The classroom setting has to be involved in every way possible (Haynes, 2010). The learners are the consumers of the learning process and as well as the contributors to the success of the teaching and the learning process. One way of structuring the classroom is to have learners as participants in the learning process. Such a structure will make the learners be partakers of the learning process through a physical participation. The second structure involves letting the learners be listeners. In such a case, they are arranged in such a way that they can access what the teacher is facilitating. The third structure, with the consideration that the learners are with special needs involves close monitoring process where each learner is introduced to a process of learning that is universally credible.

Ways of Structuring a Class Period

The class period has to be structured in many ways. One of the ways includes having a five minutes introduction, ten minutes of brainstorming, five minutes of student responses, twenty minutes of student and teacher participation, and the last ten minutes of note taking, questions, and conclusion. The other structure involves a ten minute of introduction and brainstorming, thirty minutes of student and teacher engagement through practice, demonstration, questions and answers, and ten minutes of conclusion and taking notes.

Three Instructional Strategies

The three basic instruction strategies to be involved include discussion, questions and answer strategy, and practical methods. The discussion involves student and teacher being at one table and working towards the achievement of the student needs. Question and answer involve learners and teacher asking and answering questions interchangeably. The practical method involves teacher demonstrations and student participation. These methods are necessary strategies that will facilitate the entire process of study and yield what is best for the learning and teaching process. Learning that uses materials like technology offers the best ground under which everything can be done without having to fail the learning and teaching process. In all the methods, assistive technology materials will be offered for the learners and the teacher (Reeves, 2011).


Haynes, A. (2010). The Complete Guide to Lesson Planning and Preparation . New York: Continuum

Reeves, A. R. (2011). Where Great Teaching Begins: Planning for Student Thinking and Learning . Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

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