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Instructional Strategies for Effective Teaching

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In the educational environment, instructional strategies are the methods or techniques adopted by educators to facilitate in meeting the diverse learning objectives of the students. The strategies play an essential role regarding allowing students to follow independent learning paths that assist them in becoming strategic learners. Instructional strategies equip educators with diverse the ability to make the learning process fun as well as assist learners in awakening their learning desires. Educational approaches center on the educational content as well as the environment and method of teaching, thus assist in considering the developmental levels, experiences, and interests of the students while selecting the ideal instructional strategy. Below are the various instructional strategies that teachers can employ.

Direct Instruction: The strategy mostly emphasizes on a teacher-directed approach whereby the teacher prepares content and organizes it in advance. The teacher also needs to ensure that all the student requirements for the sessions or lessons are available.

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Indirect Instruction: The strategy is mostly student-oriented to encourage the students to take an active role in the learning process through questioning, observing, inference formation, and problem-solving among others, thereby providing the learners with opportunities for exploring their learning desire. The role of the teacher here is to serve as a supporter or facilitator as oppose to an instructor. The teachers are supposed to ensure that they define the situation of the problem clearly as well as the roles that the students and the teachers should play . 

Experiential Learning: The strategy lays significant emphasis on activities and demands learners to apply the experience acquired to diverse contexts. It revolves around the learning process as opposed to the content. The students take part in activities, share, as well as reflect on experiences. They also analyze, infer, and formulate the plans for applying learning to new situations. Here, the teachers are responsible for providing an environment through which students can show active participation in the learning process.

Independent Study: The technique utilizes various teaching methods, which assist students in developing skills such as self-belief, initiative, self-improvement, and time management. The students usually undertake a particular activity while under a teacher’s supervision or following a certain guide. The process also supports group learning with a certain partner. 

Interactive Instruction: The method revolves around discussions and sharing among students to facilitate in exploring their process of thinking as well as provide them with chances for improving their social skills. Here, educators should ensure that they possess the ideal expertise to allow them to facilitate discussions in an effective manner as well as manage the dynamics in the group appropriately.

PAR (Present, Apply, and Review) Model 

T he instructional strategies are appropriate in teaching a course, such as Cosmetology , meaning it would be essential to incorporate the PAR model to the teaching practice. Concerning presentation, educators should present the learners with knowledge, theories, and reasoning using abstract ideas while utilizing concrete examples. In matters regarding the application , the teachers should avail tasks to the students that would demand them to apply the theories, knowledge, and skills presented to them, such as through making decisions and problem solving. About the review process, the teachers should summarize and clarify, while laying considerable emphasis on key points. Major emphasis here should be at the start and end of lessons and topics to ensure that students gain sufficient knowledge and skills in their specialty area. 

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