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Introduction to Political Science

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Political science can be defined as a social science that specifically deals with the government system in addition to the analysis of various political activities, the political thoughts, and the political behavior. Political science ought to be considered as the best way by which to study politics and the political behaviors involved, because it directly focuses on the theory and the practices of the government and the politics at the local, the national, state and even the international levels (Eckstein, 2000). In addition to this, political science is critical to study politics because it extensively deals with the practices and theory of politics as determining the resources and power distribution. Therefore, political scientists engage in revealing the relationship between political events and conditions. 

In the article, “Brexit : David Davis admits the government has done no economic assessment for if UK crashes out of EU without deal ” Brexit Secretary David Davis confirms that he had not carried out any economic evaluation of Britain crashing out of the EU, with no deal to replace the ones which they had formerly been party to due to their EU membership. Mr. Davis came out openly to give his evidence to the MPs insisting that it was challenging to calculate the consequences of the Brexit talks failing. He went on to state that, “I may be able to do so in about a year’s time (The Independent, 2017).” Further, based on this article, the Brexit secretary trashed the pre-referendum forecasts made by the Treasury of possible economic collapse if Britain were to leave the EU without a new trade agreement. According to The Independent (2017), Mr. David confirmed to the chairman of the Brexit select committee that under his time there was no any new assessment that had been carried out. Evidently, Brexit has been established to bring with it massive impacts to the UK and EU member countries. Based on my experience, when states operate together as members of regional communities as the EU, there are many benefits that the countries will enjoy. When a country leaves the community, then it begets that they will miss the benefits which they must have previously been enjoying. A lack of economic assessment, in this case, would mean that the impacts of Brexit were highly underestimated and ignored, resulting in a risky decision being made in the process. 

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Eckstein, H. (2000). Case study and theory in political science. Case study method , 119- 164. 

The Independent (2017). UK Politics . Retrieved 15 March 2017, from http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics 

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