21 May 2022


Is the New Testament Reliable?

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One of the reasons why the bible is reliable is that Scriptures gave rise to the output of literature which quotes ancient biblical sources such as catechisms, quotes from church fathers and lectionaries. Paul Barnett mentions the scriptures in his book “Is the New Testament Reliable?” He also evaluates other factors mentioned in this paper to show that the bible is reliable. 

None biblical authors such as Josephs, Pliny Tacitus and Talmud all confirm the new testaments accounts of Jesus without referring to the new testament. Evidence from Josephus and Talmud affirms that Jesus did the miracles in the Gospels. 

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The dating of the new testament and method of transmission is a strong point in the new testament’ reliability. Barnett shows that the dating of the epistles of Paul before the Gospels and the post-new Testament documents were later than our new testament writing. There is a short time elapsing between the events and the original writings. 

The writings of the contributing authors in the new testament were copied and used by the early church hence they surpass the historical work of the same time frame. We can cross-examine the writings and contributions of the early church to have an accurate presentation of the original. 

The authors’ dates of authorship, intended audience and the source of their content also shows that the bible is reliable. Barnett particularly examines the parallel accounts in the Gospels to show the historical qualities of each author. The accounts can be trusted because they have accurate historical accounts. 

The bible is reliable since its characters testify of the events that happened during the time of Jesus. Apart from the non-Christian author’s account of Jesus, Bible characters also mention his existence once or twice in their statements. For instance, Peter refers to Jesus’ miracles in his two speeches in the book of Acts. 

Finally, the failed alternative hypothesis to the resurrection of Jesus is evidence that the bible is reliable. There is historical evidence for the resurrection Jesus. The resurrection miracle is a proof that Jesus could work miracles written in the Gospels.

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