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Biblical and Christian Counseling

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Biblical and Christian counseling compare in varying ways. Both of them are conservative. Biblical and Christian counselors have been confined in the territory of conservatism (Kwan, 2016). That being said, they lay their emphasis on theological centralities and hold dearly to the teachings of God and dwell on the inspiration of the scripture and the holy spirit as a pathway for leading clients to achieve positive health outcomes. Thus, both Christian and biblical counselors are conservatism on the realm that they are brothers and sisters in Christ. Secondly, biblical and Christian counseling is grounded in helping clients achieve positive health outcomes (Lambert, 2011). Regardless of the theoretical grounds, every counselor in this jurisdiction is motivated by heartbreak over the pain that people in the world feel and thus help in the best possible means. Third, biblical and Christian counseling affirm the practice of psychology. They try as much as possible to make true observations that will help the client. 

There are two central ideas in contrasting between biblical and Christian counseling. They both disagree on the necessity of integrating secular techniques during counseling sessions. Although they agree on science as part of psychology, biblical and Christian counselors are rather not complacent in using secular counseling techniques during therapy sessions. The position is clear and cannot be debated. Christian counseling in this setting agrees that it is important to integrate parts of secular techniques to biblical counseling to provide help to struggling people (Kwan, 2016). Conversely, Biblical counseling refutes this lamentation and argues that secular techniques having nothing to offer to the methodology of biblical approach in counseling (Lambert, 2011). Critically, they believe that the scripture is enough during a session (Ballard & Holmes, 2006). Other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, literature, history, or biology, might not be useful for understanding and counseling patients. Biblical and Christian counselors disagree on whether the Bible is a sufficient resource for counseling people. Christian counselors are of the view that secular counseling techniques are necessary to counseling and the Bible is not a sufficient resource alone. This belief is based because the scripture does not offer to speak to the many topics in psychology. This includes elements such as how the brain synthesis information, the types of memory, to name a few. The impetus of this nature, integrating secular counseling into practice helps avoid the uncertainty not covered by the Bible. Secular counseling helps to deal with understanding and aiding humanity. 

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