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Leadership Roles: Gender-Based, Cultural, Ethic and Other Approaches

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Leaders embracing diversity in the organization is critical for the growth of any organization. From the book review, it evident that an organization that seeks to diversity by bringing people together from different cultures tend to promote the growth of both the organization as well as the employees as individuals. A diverse workforce is able to come up with solutions to problems quicker than a workforce that is made up of individuals from a similar culture. Diversity also provides different approaches to problem solving since the workforce is made of individuals who are from different backgrounds and have different approaches to different situations. From the book, it is also evident that the leaders need to view people as individuals and not as part of groups. This is because every person has unique set of skills and abilities that are of use to the team and the organization at large. 

Diversity is no longer restricted to only race, gender or even age. Diversity, however, is more complicated as it factors in the real life of individuals and how the cultures they have been brought in differs. Every person is a representation of their biological heritage. For instance, one may discover that in an office, no two people are alike in either looks or behavior. The workforce in America has become more complex as becomes more cross-cultural. Therefore, a leader should be able to know how to effectively connect and communicate with different people for maximum benefits without compromising their diversity. Additionally, people who aspire to be leaders can read this part of the book because it will help them to improve their skills hence, they will have more knowledge on how to deal with different types of people. 

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It is also evident to state that fact that the American workforce has greatly changed, hence diversification is not only about race alone. The workforce has become more complicated as it comprises of people with different cultures, visions, and even gender. There are different cultures and beliefs that are present within our country. Furthermore, through diversity, the employees have an opportunity to interact and identify the similarities that they may have, despite coming from different cultures. Therefore, there is need for a leader who is able to handle people from various backgrounds. All these factors should be considered when developing an organizational culture to ensure that every employee works as expected. As a result, improvement and growth towards achieving organizational goals will be achievable. 

In order to become a better leader, the best action plan would be to try and incorporate the diversity of the people one is responsible for leading. From this chapter it is clearly understandable that people from diverse cultures are easily able to come up with solutions that people from similar culture may have been unable to generate. From the readings, It also true to state that diversity is a strong weapon that can be used positively in the organization to boost productivity while at the same time encouraging personal development of the employees which is also one of the major roles of a leader. 

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