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Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability

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The lean system is a process that concentrates on the customer. It is concerned about the welfare and satisfaction of a client in a business or an organization. The book “Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability” by Mark L. Dean talks about how to initiate and put in place lean methods in a healthcare system or facility to ensure it meets the needs of a customer, that is, the patients. The author gives practical examples and case studies on how the lean method can be implemented. He concentrates more on the healthcare system. He wants health practitioners and stakeholders to take into account the step by step process and the structure of a lean process. Furthermore, the author describes the equipment or tools needed in the process. Throughout the book, the author focuses on the healthcare system and the processes and tools for implementation of a lean healthcare system (Dean, 2013). 

Mark L. Dean is an experienced medical practitioner and leader who has an excellent understanding of the healthcare system and the leadership pattern of organizations in general. His many years of working as an administrator create a better ground for him to give detailed and practical approaches as to how institutions especially healthcare institutions can modify their systems to fit into the lean methods or systems. His description of the processes and the systematic outline is understandable and gives a reader or any interested leader the light on how to make their workplaces better for the customers and focused towards the achievement of the set goals and objectives. 

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The author also wrote his book based on practical examples observed throughout his working years. I believe this was an appropriate method to use because he gives a handbook that each person can relate. Furthermore, writing from experience gives a better picture and issues the society can associate. A reader is easily linked to the points described and can find similar cases in his or her place of work, and hence the book comes in handy when she or he wants to solve the problem. Additionally, writing based on own experience ensures that the information given is accurate and has concrete evidence that can be tied to it making it easier to convince the reader in using the methods or procedure described in the book. 

Mark also uses methods that have already been proved to work within the healthcare system in improving the experience of the patient and that of the health provider. This proven method makes it easier for a hospital or any healthcare provider to associate with the process to solve it. I believe it was the author’s objective to make the steps easier for people to associate with and also easy to implement them. Taking a reader through steps of ensuring the patient gets the best quality if services and even describing using examples and illustrations in several chapters make it easier for the health workers to implement and follow the system. 

The author mainly focuses on the healthcare system and how the lean system can work within the institutions. On the other hand, it makes it difficult for any business or organizational leader to relate with the steps given because they focus on health. A businessman or entrepreneur is always customer oriented and would over to have a system or stepwise guide on how to do it, and hence Mark’s account makes it difficult for them. I believe it would have been better if the author would have written a chapter focused on several business enterprises. Nevertheless, a leader can pick what works for them from the book (Dean, 2013). 

In conclusion, the author gives is focused towards the improvement of the patient’s experience. In implementing the steps and using the tools described in the book, healthcare institutions are in better positions to deliver quality and satisfying services and products to their customers. 


Dean, L. M. (2013). Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability. McGraw-Hill Professional. 

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