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How the Sales Team Works Together With Other Departments

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The sales team is the heartbeat of every business and getting the most out of it is a crucial part of ensuring that the firm reaches its maximum potential. As such, managing the sales team and assigning duties effectively are the key strategies for improving performance. Sales people work in environments where they are constantly subjected to rejection and different kinds of mistreatment. Therefore, management should always organize and motivate them to overcome this apart from making sure they possess the right skills. The first thing after recruitment is to assign duties, set the sales targets and objectives and monitor the performance of the team. Members of the team can be assigned duties by splitting them into groups, setting targets, doing a follow up and training them. Communication is an important aspect of every effective sales team. To ensure all is well, meetings should be held regularly for example monthly or weekly where news and problems are shared. 

When sales team and other departments such as IT, HR, finance, and accounting work together, a substantial improvement is realized within the firm. It is important to note that every organization is a system and each part of this system plays a significant role in the success of the business. While sales are focused primarily on the increasing the firm’s customer base, finance concentrate on making profitability out of the increased customer base. IT, on the other hand, manages the information and provides the needed technical support while accounting manages the funds generated by the sales and budgets it. HR, on the other hand, manages the human resource between all these departments by recruiting, training and even equipping them. For these departments to function effectively and obtain maximum results there should be joint meetings between them where reports and problems are shared; the meetings can also be consultative (Tannenbaum, 2013) . 

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OAR method identifies options, risks, cost and the effort of the team and how team members are associated with each other. This approach of performance measurement allows the management to tie the results of the team to the organization’s goals while measuring both individual and team contribution to the firm. This enables actions to be taken based on the results on whether to encourage more communication among the members of the organization or train the team on the importance of teamwork (opm.gov, 2017) . 

In conclusion, every department in an organization should be active and willing to work collaboratively with one another for a properly functioning system to be realized. It is through working together that brings harmony and good public picture as well as the good client to employee and employer to employee relationship. Performance measurement on the other hand is vital in discovering the weaknesses of the team and improving on the weak points. 


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Tannenbaum, A. (2013). Social psychology of the work organization. Routledge. 

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