1 Jun 2022


Management Styles in International Business

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Proposed topic: Exploring various Management Styles in International Business 

Description of the topic: 

This proposal aims to perform analysis on trending business models with specific focus on start-up firms and comprehend the importance of designing a valuable business model. The main content of this proposal entails the importance of value creation and customer expectations and the importance of implementing a business model that suits these needs. Research on the proposed topic could lead to uncovering facts about various business models that have been implemented in the past and also the effectiveness of the outcome from the same. The importance of strategic planning and business model innovation could be realized and pave the way for future nascent firms to prevent failures. 

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The constant state of innovation that is currently prevailing in huge numbers gives rise to plenty business opportunities. 

Sub-topic 1: Development of Small and medium size enterprises- Small and medium size enterprises have indicated a significant economic growth over the last few decades. Successful growth of an organization paves the way for jobs and innovation development. 

Sub-topic 2: Establishment of unique business models- It is vital for an organization to carefully set business plans before considering to enter the market. Establishing a unique business model that works is one of the key factors for the growth of the company. 

Sub-topic 3: How effective planning contributes to successful management of international businesses- A study on business models of current trends in e-startups revealed that there are challenges in implementing effective business models although they may be easy to comprehend. 

Sub-topic 4: How proper planning and implementation of a business model serves as a key driver for success-This sub-topic proves that there exists an influential relationship between planning and business performance 

Sub-topic 5 : The importance of p rocess innovation and good business model in development of businesses to great heights- The major concern is to have business models, their significance in the firm, new business models that have been recently proposed for start-ups and the need for value creation and understanding of customer expectations for developing a valuable business model. 

Source 1 

Title of article: Competing on the edge: Implications of network position for internationalizing small- and medium-sized enterprises 

Date of publication: 2017 

Source 1 URL: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ibusrev.2017.01.003 

Source 2 

Title of article: The supply-side of environmental sustainability and export performance: The role of knowledge integration and international buyer involvement 

Date of publication: 2017 

Source 2 URL: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ibusrev.2017.01.002 

Source 3 

Title of article: Knowledge and internationalization of returnee entrepreneurial firms 

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Source 4 

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Source 5 

Title of article: Beyond learning by experience: The use of alternative learning processes by incrementally and rapidly internationalizing SMEs 

Date of publication: 2017 

Source 4 URL: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ibusrev.2016.12.003 

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