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The Ultimate Marketing Plan for Fontainebleau Miami Beach

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Current Market for Sabor, London 

Jose Etura and Nieves Barragan invented Sabor restaurant. The restaurant is located at Heddon Street. The name of their restaurant implies ‘flavor’ in Spanish. They offer their customers seafood with the aim of rendering Spain flavor. Their restaurant is open kitchen thus enabling them to present to their consumers the traditional ingredients as well as cooking approaches. On arrival, customers meet the bar and the counter, while the first floor is the dining area where the consumers get to enjoy different Spanish Cuisine. At the counter, customers are served based on their arrival and booking time; they are then able to place an order of fish of their choice and be served for up to a maximum group of four guests. In other words, this business represents the Spanish culture in the cuisines they offer. 

Four Ps of Marketing Mix in Sabor Restaurant 

The four Ps of marketing mix include product, price, promotion, and place (Baker & Hart, 2016). They help in defining as well as marketing a business based on its target market. The primary product that Sabor offers to its consumers is the Spanish cuisine that can be prepared as their watch in the first-floor section; El Asador. It beats its competitors through the use of not only the open kitchen style but also the traditional ingredients and the cooking approaches to bring out the Spain taste in its cuisines. New customers who seek the restaurant's information spend less time to get the information about the business and its products because they have placed their website and contacts online to reach out to return, referrals, and new customers. The restaurant’s main strength is the use of the traditional ingredients since they are rich in spice and their open kitchen style. Moreover, they have affordable prices thus attracting and retaining customers. They reach most of their customers through online advertisements as well as through direct emails to loyal customers on their offers. Moreover, they allow their consumers to book online or contact them directly during reservations. 

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Promotional and Branding Strategies to Expand Sabor Restaurant 

Promotional and branding strategies are effective for the growth of Sabor restaurant. These tools help in creating awareness to the business' target market. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are better places for new businesses to gain customers’ attention. It is a direct marketing plan that hooks any given business to potential clients around the world. Hence, an optimal strategy for Sabor restaurant. It is a method of gaining a connection with customers on a personal basis. Another promotional plan is the use of mail order to keep customers updated on the new products or changes within a business (Kim, Kim, Kim, & Magnini, 2014). A product giveaway is another optimal means of attracting new customers because it gives them a taste of what a company or business offers before they spend their money. In other words, it is a strategy for assuring consumers of a better experience from a particular market. A customer referral program is another strategy for attracting new consumers without spending much money and time in the marketing sector. For any given business to retain and maintain a constant flow of demand in a company, there ought to be a purpose for existence, consistency in supply, and emotional influence (Thanwarani, Virani & Thanwarani, 2014). For customers to be drawn to a new company, they must have noticed these three aspects to keep them going back for more. 

Implementation of Promotion and Branding Marketing Strategies in Sabor Business 

For Sabor Restaurant to grow, it should implement the above promotional and branding strategies. For instance, the use of a product giveaway will retain the existing customers because it will give them hope for more and better experience to come. Whenever a customer walks in and claims to be referred by a current consumer, it is essential to acknowledge the customer who referred the new guest since they help in cutting down the marketing cost. Use of social media platforms will attract consumer across the world who feel the emotional impact of the business- the Spanish cuisine. Existing as a restaurant that focuses on one culture’s cooking in the United States, the restaurant is bound to receive international consumers. Since the business has an option for mail contact, whether a customer has just made inquiries on anything concerning the restaurant, they should use the guest’s mail to their advantage. That is, regularly inform the customer of the changes, functions, as well as offers in the restaurant to gain their attention. 

Infographic of Key Aspects of Sabor Marketing Plan   

Identify Target Audience 

It is essential for Sabor to identify its target market e.g. international and local tourists. 

Secondly, the restaurant should know the type of experience that their consumers desire from its cuisine. 

For Sabor Restaurant to grow, it needs a good marketing plan that will focus on customers across all niches.  

Setting Objectives 

The restaurant should have SMART goals that will ensure its success in the hospitality industry. 

Marketing Strategies 

The business should incorporate the 4 Ps of marketing mix, the promotional and branding strategies such as giveaway, customer referral incentive plan, direct mail to attract more consumers 


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Thanwarani, A., Virani, A., & Thanwarani, M. (2014). Customers’ Evaluation of Brand Extension: An Empirical Study of Skin Care Products. In International conference on Marketing

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