22 Mar 2022


Math in the Early Childhood Education

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The mathematical skills taught during the early childhood education (ECE) are essential in providing the children with a platform for excelling in their elementary education and other levels ahead. In this regards, teachers in elementary schools ought to zero in their lessons on the basic skills that will help the learners to be successful in mathematics in their high school and tertiary education (Concordia Online Education, 2012). The five E’s will be a requisite for the educators to ensure that the children are introduced to mathematical concepts promptly and professionally. 


The educators need to design their lessons such that the children participate actively in class activities such as asking and answering questions. This will make them develop an interest in mathematics. In addition, the teacher ought to familiarize the children with simple concepts in mathematics.

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The learners should be allowed time to explore on what they have already learned. Practice exercise can be given to them and the teacher needs to be available to give guidance and clarity on some concepts.


Ideally, the learners need to be guided through the basic terminologies in their early stages of development. Notably, mathematical concepts need to be introduced to children when they are about three years old. Learning about numbers is an essential skill that a child needs to learn thus, educators should direct their efforts to ensure that the learners are well versed with numbers. Children should be informed on how to count both forward and backward as well as to establish the relationship between numbers. 


Mathematical concepts are key to ensuring that the learners become critical thinkers. At a tender age, children can be made to represent numbers using family members. It should be known that naturally, children are visual beings (Concordia Online Education, 2012). Therefore, the teacher can incorporate pictures or images that would enable the children to establish connections between the mathematical skills and the real world.


The instructor monitors the student’s progress in terms of how he/she has applied the concepts that they have learned (Concordia Online Education, 2012). The evaluation stage would require the learner to answer some open-ended questions or make explanations. The learners’ response to questions would tell the instructor whether the concept was well understood or not.


Concordia Online Education. (2012). Important Math Skills in Early Childhood . Retrieved from http://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/early-education/important-math-skills-early-childhood-educators-should-teach/

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