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Media Violence and Real World Aggression

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In the present world, globalization has made it possible for the world to appear like a small village. Technological advancement has improved many sectors globally. For example, the media industry has embraced technology to ensure that people from all lifestyles get maximum entertainment possible. Regressively, the contents in some of the forms of entertainment such as movies pose detrimental effects to the mental health of children. Violence appears to be the domineering theme in them. Thus, Bandura’s movie primarily aims at demonstrating that the learning process in children is influenced by what they see. 

In the movie by Bandura, it is apparent that learning can be achieved through vast sources. That includes direct experience and observation. Aggressive behaviors in that context happen to be nurtured indirectly through observation (McLeod, 2014). Apparently, mimicry happens to be one of the ways through which children learn during their developmental stages. In that respect, they will unknowingly embrace violence and propagate that culture into their later stages in life. Such instances are common especially where a child fancies a character who demonstrates aggressiveness in the model. The child’s mind in that regards will be recording a mental picture of the happening plus the repercussions that are twined to certain behaviors (McLeod, 2014). 

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During the learning process, vicarious reinforcement appears to be the propeller of aggressiveness (McLeod, 2014). That happens when an actor is rewarded for aggressiveness. Such acts would increase the chances of the behavior in question to be repeated. Repetition provides a person with an insight on the most appropriate ways of using particular behaviors. When a person mimics repeatedly certain behaviors, the behavior often ends up being a part of them. In other words, they become well experienced in their behavior. Watching violent movies subsequently imitating some actions will automatically influence the level of aggressiveness of a child. The worst case of the matter will appear if the child is rewarded for such habits. That would directly act as a direct reinforcement for him/her. In addition, it would increase the likelihood of the child to repeat the same behavior. Concisely, practice is the mother of perfection. Repeated acts of aggressiveness will provide the child with suture ability to use aggressiveness professionally. 

Apparently, the learning concept in Bandura’s Bobo doll is justified empirically. Children who were exposed to violent rich movies ended up being very aggressive to the dolls. They also mimicked certain behaviors that they had watched in some parts of the movie (McLeod, 2014). On the contrary, those who were not exposed to such videos did not demonstrate aggressiveness. In addition, Bandura was able to show that vicarious reinforcement provided a platform for the behavior to repeat. Therefore, it is true that children have the ability to develop certain behaviors such as empathy or aggressiveness through observation. The experiment by Bandura was one of the ways to enlighten the modern world about the dangers of globalization to children development. The media is full of violent acts whereby people violate the rights of one another. Innocently, children watch such films in the name of entertainment and in the end; such movies turn out to be their coach for aggressive acts.

In conclusion, parents and teachers have a significant role to play to ensure that children do not end up being victims of aggressiveness. That can be achieved if the parents limit what their children watch by selecting films that are appropriate for them. In addition, the parent can spend some time to watch movies with their children and explain to them some parts so that the kids can not have misconceived ideas about the acting.


McLeod, S. A. (2014). Bobo Doll Experiment. Retrieved from http://www.simplypsychology.org/bobo-doll.html .  

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