2 Apr 2022


Medication Compliance for HIV+ Patients

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In either clinical practice or trials, non-adherence to medication is significant among HIV patients. It is estimated that antiretroviral therapy non-adherence ranges from 50% to 70%. Adherence rates of <80% are linked to detectable viremia among most patients. The key factors associated with non-adherence are sustenance and drug abuse. Also, factors such as dietary restrictions, inconvenient dosing frequency, side effects, system of care, and patient-nurse relationships. Based on the study of randomized controlled trial literature materials among HIV+ adult patients, HIV non-adherence vary among patients based on their age, level of education, sex, income status, health history, and substance and alcohol abuse. 

Lifestyle risk heavily effects of medical adherence. Patients put under the antiretroviral therapy must observe a strict dosage. However, the patients sometimes willfully or negligently ignore their dosages when under the influence of drugs, due to alcoholism, lack of knowledge, or due to the unavailability of the drugs. Drug abuse disorients a person leading them to forget to take their medication. Similarly, alcoholism affects the patient’s coordination of activities. On the other hand. 

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Barriers such as education, lack of drug adherence promotion programs, medical accessibility, and knowledge on how to deal with undesirable drug reactions affect an individual’s health. The literature reveals that economic factors significantly contribute to medication incompliances among patients. In some instances, patients do not have the money to buy the drugs while in others they cannot cope with accessing drugs that do not react with them. The situation is worsen when patients have to take multiple drugs. In the process, they may go for a couple of days or months before they could access their next dosage. The culmination of these factors leads to non-compliance with the antiretroviral therapy.

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