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Mendel's Peas: The Classic Experiment that Launched the Science of Genetics

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Overview of Mendel’s experiment 

Gregor Mendel is a scientist whose work in genetics has been widely appreciated by many and is still followed today. He is regarded as the father of genetics due to work that he partook in genetics among organisms. His studies were of great importance in understanding biological inheritance. In his studies, Mendel found out that every pea plant contains both male and female reproductive parts which allowed the pea plant to reproduce through self-pollination. He further discovered that self-pollinating pea plants produced offspring with characteristics similar to their own. He then analyzed characteristics in offspring and those of the parents and drew a conclusion (Griffiths AJF, 2000)

What was the organism that Mendel studied (provide the genus and species name as well as the common name? 

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Gregor Mendel studied different species of pea plant commonly referred as the pea plant and traits that these plants have. The scientific name is Pisum sativum. He chose this plant due to its inexpensive nature and the ease with which peas can be obtained for the study. Moreover, it was also easy for the results to be achieved with peas than most of the other plants and it took a little space and also produced many offsprings within a short generation time (O'Neil, 2013)

Why was this organism ideal to study the law of independent assortment? 

Gregor Mendel chose the pea plant as the best choice to investigate the law of independent assortment due to various reasons some of these reasons being the structure of the pea plants which allowed self-fertilization that could control the presence of distinctive features in the pea plant and rapid rate of reproduction by the plant. 

List one dominant and one recessive 

After the study had been carried out by Mendel, he discovered that there were some characteristics which were dominant while others were recessive. Dominant alleles are those genes which were fully expressed when two different forms are present. Recessive alleles, on the other hand, were not expressed when genes were paired. He found out basing on the height that tall allele was dominant while short allele was recessive (Griffiths AJF, 2000) . An example of the dominant in the study of the height of the plant was when tall plants are pollinated and when short plants are self-pollinated. The plants in the following generations were all tall for the tall ones while for the short plants, the following generations were all short. However, when the tall and short plants are pollinated, there are those offsprings which turn tall while others become short. The dominant genes here are the tall ones while the recessive ones are short.   



Griffiths AJF, M. J. (2000). An Introduction to Genetic Analysis. 7th edition. Biologia Plantarum , 50-50. 

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