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Motivation and Empowerment of Leadership

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Motivation and empowerment of leadership is significant in any given setting where an example should be set to ensure that everything runs effectively. It is well known that leaders play an important role in influencing people under their authority. Through this understanding, it is evident that leaders are required to provide motivation and empowerment. This is because they are required to set an example that each individual under them will look upon and aim at achieving. Thus, it is clear to state leaders should be well motivated and empowered to guarantee that they meet the required criteria in providing good leadership. This is because the best leaders lead by example. 

This paper will aim at elaborating the importance that motivation and leadership has in ensuring that there is competent leadership. This will be based on different perspectives of leadership and the role that they play in different settings. This because there are leaders in each task that an individual may partake and it is important to guarantee that there is the right input. 

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The paper will further state the influence that motivation and empowerment of leadership has based on the output of leaders. This will be through a deep analysis which will elaborate the role that leaders play and how they affect different individuals.

Overall Concerns

Through properly establishing the role that leaders play, it is clear that there is a need to guarantee their credibility. This is through facilitating proper motivation and empowerment of leaders. A leader’s output has been stated to be significantly influenced by their understanding good leadership. This can only be made possible through proper motivation and empowerment. Through this, they will be capable of offering the best form of leadership to the people who look up to them and require their guidance. 


In order to get a better understanding of empowerment, it is appropriate to establish its actual meaning in relation to leadership. Empowerment is a state in which an individual which in this instance is the leader feel that they are in control, effective and have an important role. Through this, a leader feels that they are in a capacity to perform their duties to their best. Confidence also plays an important role in ensuring that a leader is empowered. This is because it is confidence that builds a person’s morale driving them into being the best version of themselves. Thus, it will be possible for a leader with confidence to be well empowered making them become better leaders (Tracy, 2014). Empowerment also ensures that leaders gain meaningfulness in the task ahead them. Through this, it possible for leaders who are well empowered to produce the expected results. 

On the other hand, motivation is established within an individual whereby they feel the need to produce satisfactory results. It is important to note that motivation is significantly determined by empowerment. This because empowerment provides a sense of commitment and satisfaction in the services an individual offers as a leader. It is also important to ensure that there is proper appreciation of a leader. This is adequate in ensuring a leader is well motivated. However, it is important to note significant factors to consider in ensuring there is proper motivation. Unlike in the traditional settings where leaders were appreciated through giving them money as a token of motivation, it is not very effective. This is because it does not produce the best results in leaders’ motivation. 

It is important to ensure that leaders are well appreciated. For example, appreciation through providing a comfortable and meaningful work environment is among the best ways in ensuring a leader is well motivated. This is because through this, they will feel that they are needed which will in turn boost their output (Karami, & Maimunah, 2013).  It is evident that a leader’s true potential is measured through their ability to set an example and produce the best outcome. Through the evaluation that has been provided, it is clear that empowerment plays a significant mechanism that guarantees efficiency through creating motivation. This is because without empowerment there is no motivation to work towards a desired goal. 

Through empowerment and motivation, there will be a sense of ownership. This is whereby a leader who is well motivated and empowered will not feel the need to question their capacity to lead. This may be in instances where a leader may require advice regarding something and seek opinion from other individuals. In this circumstance, the leaders will not develop self-esteem issues which may hinder their ability to seek secondary opinion. 

It is also important to practice open disclosure in leadership. For example, if a leader is performing well in duties, it is important to ensure that they are well credited. This is through passing word around about their good leadership skills (Day, 2014). This will be significant in boosting a leader’s morale and make them feel good. It is obvious that these will be effective in guarantying that there is good leadership. 

Training and coaching should also be promoted in enhancing leadership skills. This is because a collaborative environment is established where individuals come together and educated on diverse teachings essential in good leadership. Through collaborative effort from the leaders and relevant individuals, a leader can continuously post good results in their leadership. Training is also essential in guaranteeing that leaders can cope with the ever growing pressure that is associated with leadership (Hoboken, 2013) . Through training, leaders also improve on the collaboration skills where they can come together and arrive at solutions. This is because collaboration facilitates the sharing of more ideas which is important in improving outcome. It is evident that an individual’s decision not be well evaluated as there are options that may have been left out of consideration. Leaders would also learn to be collaborative with the individual under them through training and coaching. Good leaders need to listen to the grievances that the people under their authority experience. This will make it possible for the leaders to rule effectively as the decisions reached will be in consideration to the opinion of the relevant individuals (European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, & Politis, 2012). 


Based on the argument that has been provided, it is evident that motivation and empowerment of leaders is important. This is because a leader’s position is based on their ability to pull people to work towards a common goal. The capacity of a leader to influence people has been significantly evaluated putting across the need for motivation and empowerment of leadership. It is has also been made clear that it is important to acknowledge the role that leaders play and collaboratively work with them to guarantee efficiency in leadership. Motivation has been stated to having been attributed from empowerment (Gantz, & Sigma Theta Tau International, 2010) . This is whereby empowerment results in motivation that has been stated to be essential in making a leaders dive towards a particular goal. Appreciation of leadership has also been highlighted as a key factor to ensure that leaders perform their duties effectively. Appreciation has been proven to be more effective in if done through offering a more flexible work setting rather than monetary appreciation. This is because monetary appreciation has been proven to be less effective since it does not create a sense of understanding of the role leaders’ play. 

Through being empowered, it has been established that leaders will feel better as they will have a sense of being in control. This will be efficient in guaranteeing that they undertake their task effectively. This is because they will understand the role that they play in regulating the individuals under their authority and produce the best results. In order to produce the best results, it has been established that leaders need set a good example through maintaining a positive mind set. This can only be possible through taking control of the diverse challenges that they may encounter and tackle them accordingly based on the skill acquired through good leadership. 

Evidently, it is accurate to state that motivation and empowerment of leadership should be well undertaken to guarantee leaders are well equipped to give mandate. This can only be possible through a proper understanding of the significance that these two aspects have in facilitating good leadership. 


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