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Mutation: What is it and What Causes it?

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Mutation is considered to be a change in DNA which is the hereditary life material. The DNA of an organism affects the way in which it looks, its physiology, and the way in which it behaves. In other words, it affects all the aspects of its life and thus, a change in the DNA of an organism can affect all the aspect of its life. An example of mutation is the moth mutation (Wired, 2017) . 

The Moth Mutation 

after the coal-fired factories in England blackened the buildings and trees, naturalists started to notice that peppered moths were also changing their light-colored wings that were sprinkled with black specks for wings that were sleek, a pure black stealth-bomber look that was regarded as the carbonara form. After they were first seen near Manchester, the black moths dominated the area ( Shu, 2012). Once the air in the region started to clear arp, the moths that had black wings started to decrease as the peppered form increased. Evidently, the mutation was advantageous because changed in the wing color allowed the moths be able to blend better to the grimy background and also helped it avoid bird predators that might negatively affect the moth population in the region. 

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Evidently, there are many species that have faced mutation over the years. A good example of a species that that has face mutation is the moth whose wings blackened after the industrial revolution. The mutation was advantageous because changed in the wing color allowed the moths be able to blend better to the grimy background and also helped it avoid bird predators. 


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Wired. (2017, 08 18). Moth Mutation Explains Classic Example of Evolution . Retrieved from Wired: https://www.wired.com/2011/04/evolution-peppered-moth/ 

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