2 Jun 2022


My Big-Five Personality Profile

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The big five-personality model is the greatest tool for assessing a person's capabilities, strengths, and other important aspects of their life. In most cases, researchers use this to when dealing with personality traits (De Raad & Perugini, 2002). I agree with the results of my personal assessment, as it indicates exactly how I interact with other people, respond to new experiences in life, and perform in the workplace and many other activities in life. Considering the openness to new experience or intellect, the results were above average, which indicates that I am open to new experiences. Being open to new experiences has enabled me to gain confidence, strengthen myself, and experience changes by learning new things and expensing the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in my studies. The results regarding my conscientiousness indicates that I a well organized and reliable. Being organized and reliably enables me to access various opportunities in life, as many people trust me and believe that I can deliver in any position awarded. 

On extraversion, my assessment results define me as a sociable person who enjoys the company of other people, especially during team activities. I enjoy the fun and I like making friends and sharing ideas with one another. Having the quality of being agreeable has really encouraged me (Moneta, 2013). In essence, I can help those in need, I can fit into the shoes of those in problems, and help them by giving them some support in times of difficulties and also whenever someone has wronged me I can easily forgive and forget. 

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I also portray the character of neuroticism. In essence, I am calm always whenever something goes wrong and feel relaxed in order to correct my mistakes and carry on. From my personal assessment, the results indicated that I could be helpful in some instances because conscientiousness is one of my strengths. I have the quality because I am well organized in my work and when I want to do any activity, I make a program of how I am going to address the activity. Additionally, I am well disciplined when carrying out my activities, I handle them carefully and keenly to avoid making mistakes. I am agreeable and sympathetic because I can relate to people’s problems. Besides, I forgive my friends and the people at large when they wronged me in places of work, home, and even in learning institutions (De Raad & Perugini, 2002). 

However, I also have my own personal weaknesses, which I need to improve on them. I have an extraversion character in that whenever I fail in what I am doing or I fail to achieve what I want to do I become demoralized, reserved, and quite such that I wish to be left alone with my problems. Another weakness portrayed by the results of my assessment is that sometimes I face difficulties when trying to find solutions to my problems both in the workplace and even at home. I need to work on this weakness by concentrating on sharing the information with others to find solutions. Another weakness, which I need to make improvements, is being open to experience. In most cases, I enjoy working individual without being exposed or seeking opinions and ideas from other people. Such method of working or leadership denies me opportunities to experience, exposed, and access to new things. 

My personality assessment results can influence my job performance either in a negative or in a positive way (Moneta, 2013). For example, when I have the personality of conscientiousness I will achieve my objective because I am reliable in what I do, organized self-disciplined, and being careful. All the qualities I portray make me be successful in my job performance. Also being Agreeable in an organization is very important because it will help me to relate well to the community around my workmate or me because. I am sympathetic to people, as I forgive them whenever they wrong me and I will have that peace of mind to work hard and achieve my objectives. 

However, I portray neuroticism personality it is going to influence me in a negative way because I will fall short of achieving my objectives. When I have problems or when I fail to achieve at my workplace, I become calm in such a way that I do not want to associate with others and share my failures. This will make me perform even poorer, sometimes discouraged, and become relaxed (Moneta, 2013). Eventually, I no longer want to work hard because I did not achieve what I wanted and thus fail to achieve. 

When I am open to experiences, I have a positive personality and I am going to be more creative or wanting to do things in a different way to achieve my best. In fact, I will be more curious wanting to know more to improve my job performance. Besides, I will be willing to do very complicated things to realize my abilities and ways of improving them. When I reject experiences, I am will not get a chance to improve my job performance because I will lack that interest to work. I will be closed-minded and I will be complaining every now and then that I cannot do a certain job. Since I have little interest and intention to work in the organization, I will not be able to achieve my objectives as an individual and my job performance at the workplace will be very poor (De Raad & Perugini, 2002). 


De Raad, B. & Perugini M. (2002). Big Five Assessment . New York, NY: Hogrefe & Huber 

Moneta, G. B. (2013). Positive Psychology: A Critical Introduction. New York, NY Palgrave Macmillan 

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