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Nurses: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

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What strategy can nurses use in order to provide the appropriate care to patients both at family level and in the community as a whole? 

Leave them unattended in the hope that their family will do so. 

Tell them that they are not the first to be in their situation and so is not the end of the world that they are affected. 

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Appeal to their emotional, psychological and physical needs in order for them to feel at ease and less anxious about their situation. 

Neglect their medical situation and tell them that they are a waste of time. 

The correct answer is C. It is appropriate that caregivers appeal to the emotional, physical and psychological needs of the patients so they can feel at ease and not rattled by their situation. This means they can use support interventions like general counseling in the case of emotional instability and any other issues. 

How does culture affect supportive nursing care? 

Culture is outdated and so has no effect on supportive nursing care. 

Patients who adhere to their refuse to get any medical help at all. 

Culture cannot determine the kind of supportive care that a patient gets. 

Different cultures determine how and the degree to which a patient can get supportive care. 

The correct answer is D. People are shaped by different cultures and so in the case of illness, the issue of culture plays a major factor in determining how they can be cured and who can be involved. For example, a Chinese patient suffering from mental health or depression and in the process shows a lack of control may hesitate to share their situation since the Chinese view a lack of self-control as shameful. 

How important is critical thinking to individuals providing supportive care of individuals and families? 

Critical thinking sharpens a nurse’s judgment and decision making and makes them well placed to solve clinical problems that need urgent intervention in the absence of a doctor. 

Critical thinking is a farce and so cannot be relied upon in supportive care. 

Supportive care only needs the professional knowledge and so critical thinking is irrelevant in that case. 

Critical thinking helps caregivers to invent and implement their own medical skills on patients. 

The correct answer is A. A nurse has to be sharp in judgment during their care towards individuals in the home or society and so has to be well placed to solve problems that need urgent solutions and that they must also be able to look at alternatives to what they feel is not right. 

What is the scientific basis of supportive care? 

That supportive care is meant to give hope and assurance to patients both in the recovery mode and those still suffering from illnesses. 

That supportive care is just a way to mince money from unsuspecting patients and family. 

Supportive care can only be done in the home vicinity. 

Supportive care is overrated and that patients can take care of themselves. 

The correct answer is A. In the health system, it is proven that patients do need some kind of attention that is close enough to take them throughout their ailing or healing processes. For example in the midwifery and cancer departments, patients may easily suffer shock and stress and trauma as a result of the different processes they are or have gone through and so need someone to give them emotional, psychological and physical support. 

Mention any way that a caregiver can implement a repertoire of supportive measures and technologies. 

Ignoring the benefits of technology and insisting with old-school ways of giving care. 

Striking the right balance between new technology and the old system of doing things to get satisfactory benefits. 

Learning only about the basics of both 

Overindulging in technology since it is the new way service delivery in the health system. 

The correct answer is B. nurses need to know how they can use the two systems to give the ultimate satisfaction that patients need. Knowing to create the right balance is a skill that patient’s nurses have to learn over time and master. 

How can therapeutic communication help individuals and families? 

Help them find out their flaws 

Help each individual in a family tussle stand by their points of view. 

By providing them with the right approach about whatever it is they are facing. 

By antagonizing their self-interests with the situation at hand. 

The correct answer is C. A positive approach along with the expert control of victims’ issues to find an amicable solution is the only right way of communication. 

Identify one aspect of effective communication in a multi-disciplinary care team. 



Poor listening skills 

Egoistic attitude 

The correct answer is A. Maintaining good dialogue between patient and health practitioner, family and health practitioner and amongst the different disciplines of the profession is an important aspect in attaining team work. Quality service delivery is the main reason of the health system and dialogue is a start when looking forward to achieve any positive results. 

What is the organizational structure of a clinical practice setting? 

CEO, Nursing Manager, Nurses 

Doctor, Nurses, Patients 

Direct supervision, nurse governance, co-ordination with other providers and hospital teams 

Strict supervision, harsh disciplinary methods, dismissal upon mistakes. 

The correct answer is C. Because nurses work in complex clinical environments where they need to integrate the leadership structures with their own management structures. 

Which of the following is not an ethical issue in supportive care of individuals and families? 

Dilemma between relieving a patients pain by helping to die and going by the law of letting a patient do it themselves. 

Keeping hold of a family secret that could help solve an issue among members. 

Choosing whether or not to share medical information with patients and family that could easily break them. 

Giving patients hope of better health. 

The correct answer is D. Care givers are expected to make patients feel at ease with their medical situations. 

What is the progress towards professional learning objectives? 

Ditching the old system for technology and innovation 

Integrating both systems to suit the different medical conditions that need expert attention through training of personnel. 

There is no progress 

The health system is spiraling into oblivion. 

The correct answer is B. The health system across the world is changing and along with it is the information technology meant to make it better. Patients can access medication through innovative machines that have been modified to tackle the new kinds of diseases. Nurses are also trained on how to utilize these new methods so as to improve supportive care 

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