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Operations Management in Action

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Executive Summary 

Pearson Education is a British educational publication company, which offers assessment services to schools, other organizations, and directly to students.  Pearson underwent poor performance for a few years compelling John Fallon, the Chief Executive, to cut many jobs and vend assets to fund their movement into e-books, rental arrangements, and virtual courses. This is because learners in higher education have progressed into renting and downloading books instead of paying huge sums of dollars to purchase hefty textbooks. Currently, Pearson is on its way to making good profits after the request for digital course material in the U.S. enabled it to report somewhat better than the anticipated first-half outcomes. 

Operations Management Practice 

The operations management practice closely associated with the article, Pearson Pursues Return to Growth with Digital Courses , is equipment upgrades to enhance the company’s productivity. Equipment upgrades practice is delivery-oriented, warranting that an organization effectively converts its inputs into outputs (Kettering University, 2016). As such, the funds used by John Fallon in ensuring the production of e-books, rental arrangements, and virtual courses were essential for Pearson to realize enhanced profits. 

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Bulky Textbooks and the Impact of Equipment Upgrades 

Pearson faced a big problem in the U.S. as students avoided bulky textbooks, and preferred to rent and download them. Therefore, having John Fallon cut many jobs and vend assets to fund the move has ensured that Pearson attained a first-half operating profit of one-hundred and seven million pounds, which is more than the amassed consensus of eighty-five million pounds (Reuters, 2018). Also, equipment upgrades have ensured the growth of digital revenue at Pearson. Moreover, Pearson has had its U.S. K12 school coursework business up for auction to move into the e-book business. 

Equipment Upgrades in My Organization to Ensure the Growth of Profit 

There is a need to have employees in my organization trained on the usage of new technological equipment to ensure better services to clients. The management purchased and installed new computer programs to better manage the accounts of customers. Nonetheless, there was no training on how to use the programs implying that the equipment upgrades would be useless. Hence, proper training should be conducted to come up with a better-equipped team. Subsequently, there would be proper tracking of records to evade losses and ensure higher profits. 


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