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Patterns of Organization: The Facts

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Topical Pattern 

This is the most used format of structuring the flow of information in a specific speech and offers a fallback in situations where other speech patterns cannot be applied. When using this format, information is clustered in different sub-topics which are subsets of a larger topic. The topical pattern could also be based on clustering different things based on a larger category where each type represents a section of the information that is included in the speech. A good example of the topical pattern format is where a writer whose content is about wine could categorize the wine based on the color, taste or region where it is produced.

Chronological Pattern 

Under the chronological pattern, the piece of information that is being provided is arranged based on the progression of time which could be from the beginning to the end or start from the end to the beginning. The pattern is largely used when outline topics that are better understood based on the chronology of events. For example, when covering topics that are of a historical nature, the information gains more clarity if the chronological pattern is applied. Under this format, each main section of information will contain events that occur during a particular period. Significant events within the different periods of time are grouped under various sub-points. The chronological pattern can also be applied by clustering information in topics that list future events, present events, and previous events as opposed to using dates and specific time frames.

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Spatial Pattern 

The spatial pattern seeks to arrange information based on things relate to each other. The focus of a writer who uses a spatial pattern is to create a mental picture of topic despite the different elements having distinguished physical locations. The format is best applied when addressing topics related to geography. For example, when a writer is covering information regarding a city tour, the information could include information that one could do at different stop points in the tour. Arranging geographical information based on the spatial patterns enables readers to visualize the information even without having visited the various sites.

Causal Pattern 

The pattern is mainly applied when addressing various issues where the cause and effects need to be demonstrated. The format helps to demonstrate how the different variables that are covered in the information relate to each other. The author could format the information to outline the causes of an issue first then follow this with another section that outlines the effects. Another variation of the causal pattern involves the listing of causes information with each effect being clustered and the main causes section. The pattern is widely used in the research for different issues in organizations as well as the society where the focus is to offer explanation for problems and identify appropriate solutions.

Monroe's Motivated Sequence 

The format was developed based on the psychology of persuasion where the goal is to organize information in a manner that achieves the maximum impact. The format follows five logical steps with the first step being getting listeners attention using humor, rhetorical question or a shocking statistic. Under the second step, the author seeks to establish a need through convincing the target audience that there is a need to be addressed. The third step involves the provision of solution that can be adopted to address the identified need through the provision of elaborate facts. The author then cues the audience to visualize the future if they do not act as recommended to create a desire to adopt the solutions that are provided. The final step involves provision of specific actions that the audience should take with care being take not overwhelm them with information.

Statements about Friendship 

Heading Introduction 

Friendship is one of the most important of our interpersonal relationships.


Friendships develop through various stages. In order to understand friendships, we need to see what a friendship is and its stages of development.

Heading Body 

Friendship is an interpersonal relationship between two persons that is characterized by mutual positive regard. Friendships don't develop full blown but rather go through various stages-from the initial meeting to intimate friendship. We meet. We develop a casual friendship. We develop an acquaintanceship. We develop a close relationship. We develop an intimate friendship.


Friendship is vital to all of us. By understanding friendship, we will be in a better position to develop and maintain productive and enjoyable friendships.

Questions (Step 8) 

The statements were structured using Monroe's Motivated Sequence. There are no other patterns that could have been used to structure the statements since the meaning would have been lost.

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