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Personal Model of Leadership

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Contemporary organizations operate in environments characterized by rapid change and increasing complexity. They, therefore, depend upon capable leadership to offer guidance through the unprecedented changes.Competent leadership calls for the possession of certain traits that makes the leader personable, affable and popular. These qualities or values must be manifested at the individual, interpersonal, organizational and societal level. However, they must be developed through self-discipline, time and pressure; they cannot be feigned for long, as they are tested and proven through times of trials and adversity. This paper creates a complete personal model of leadership, identifying leadership behaviors that will result from values at the individual, interpersonal, organizational and societal level. It will also identify the personal leadership model will a sense of meaning and purpose at different level. Lastly, it will examine the impact of the contributions. 

Leadership Behaviors at different levels 

Since leaders require well developed attributes and values, exceptional leaders at an individual level display honor and integrity ( Komives& Wagner, 2016). The leader consistently behaves in an ethical and honest manner. As a leader, I will promote and advocates for higher standards when it comes to organizational, professional and personal behavior. Also, I will be truthful and honest in dealing with others and consistently do the right things without being monitored. 

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Energy and drive are also an essential characteristic that defines my personal leadership model. According to Komives& Wagner (2016), l eaders with this trait are always determined, action-oriented and committed to excellence in all their endeavors. I will model a high level of drive in achieving all the tasks assigned to me and always takes ownership of challenging goals. This will help me push others to achieve and excel in whatever they take on. Moreover, I will display a substantial improvement orientation by continuously working to look at the approaches that will help my employees work more efficiently. 

At the interpersonal level, leaders manifest strong interpersonal skills that range from communicating with others, listening, engaging and influencing employees and co-workers ( Avolio et al., 2014). In communicating with others, I will ensure that I am open to criticism and most importantly seek feedback from my employees. This will help me demonstrate interpersonal diplomacies like being sensitive and respectful to others. This will create a climate where people feel motivated to work in the organization as their feelings are taken into consideration. By working with my employees efficiently, I will be able to connect and establish relationships with other people in the organization hence building a strong rapport. This will play an essential role in helping me handle conflicts effectively with much objectivity and sensitivity. Thus, the organization will be characterized by relationships that seek understanding, support, and teamwork. Besides, I will be dedicated to making people feel valued and appreciated for every contribution they make to the organization. 

At the organization level, values that will be highly emphasized will include; teamwork, intellectual agility, courage, and responsibility. Intellectual agility means that the leader is open minded, innovative and can bring fresh perspectives in the organization ( Shalley& Gilson, 2004) . In complex situations, the leader can devise strategies to lead and make decisions without the organization becoming affected. This value will play an essential role in my leadership is I will learn to display a well-developed analysis when evaluating issues that require critical thinking. This will help in making sound and timely decisions that rely on balancing situation rather than depending on intuition. Concerning responsibility, I will act in a manner that shows that I am accountable for my deeds in the organization. Responsibility will put me on top of my team and lead them in the best way possible. Teamwork, on the other hand, involves working together and inspiring others to perform at their usual level of performance. To uphold this value in the organization, I will build confidence on the team so as to achieve better results even in harsh conditions. 

Courage in leadership implies that leaders can always be counted for to step up during tough times in the organization. Courage enables them to make conscious choices and look for common ground in resolving the differences. At the organization, I will always ensure that I provide a clear direction in challenging situations. This is by getting the right balance when addressing challenging situations in the society. 

At the societal level, service is the most important value that a leader can have. This means that the leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of the community through the various services he offers ( Shalley& Gilson, 2004) . As a leader, I will be responsible for guiding the efforts of my employees in voluntary services in the society to sustain the long-term effectiveness of projects implemented in the organization. Also, I will help in mentoring others in the society especially the young the people. Mentoring will provide a creative opportunity for them to rise above their capacity and aspire to achieve their dreams. 

Impact of Contribution 

At an individual level, leadership is mainly shaped by personal value and attributes. Values are enduring standards that influence how people interact with others, interpret situations and process information. Since my personal values are the major influence of my leadership processes, I will be able to serve my organization relentlessly and lead my followers in the right way. This will play an essential role in improving my values as well as gaining others through my interaction with others. 

At the interpersonal level, there is likely to be high-quality leader-member exchange (LMX) due to my personal values. This is through communicating with my team members efficiently and creating an environment that they perceive as safe. The impact is that the employees will reciprocate the trust and voluntarily follow as I lead them to the right direction that will enhance their growth in the organization. Similarly, there will be the creation of an organizational context that the employees will feel comfortable even in imitating my leadership behaviors. This would help in creating and sustaining an organizational culture that promotes integrity and virtuousness through positive behaviors ( Komives & Wagner, 2016). 

My personal leadership is rooted in interpersonal trust. This implies that I can engage and develop my followers through the best means possible. Through appreciating, respecting, inspiring and empowering, a positive climate that nurtures the best talent is created. 

It is considered that the various leadership attributes a leader display impacts the organizational performance, employees’ satisfaction and commitment. At the organizational level, performance is one of the most transformational inputs that is likely to happen. One, through intellectual agility I will able to stimulate the employees to think innovatively about a certain goal that is about to be accomplished. The employees will develop self-interest and become aware of the task outcome. The outcome of this is efficiency and effectiveness in the accomplishment of tasks hence high organizational performance. 

Through the exhibition of excellent corporate values, I will be able to develop a culture in which the followers themselves become good leaders. In my personal leadership model, I have emphasized on a culture that promotes creativity, service to others, employees as well as organizational performance. This type of culture impacts trust, innovation, and dynamic. 

Due to my commitment, followers and the organization to build the society, the community is likely to relate to the positive values that govern the organization such as honesty, integrity, and service to others. Moreover, these important values will help in overcoming social evils that sometimes overrule the society ( Avolio et al., 2004) . This kind of social change can play an essential role in mobilizing the people towards a common goal that can help in changing their lives. 

In conclusion, my personal leadership model provided a positive alternative to other leadership models. It helped in describing leadership as a concept that comprises of behaviors that are useful at the individual, interpersonal, organizational and society level. All the values at different levels have played an essential role in providing an environment that promotes human development. The impact of various leadership behaviors has been included at each level including; organizational performance, commitment, employee empowerment and trust. This shows that power does not primarily dominate my personal leadership model, but the ability of leadership to promote success of the organization and all those in the organization as the employees 


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Shalley, C. E., & Gilson, L. L. (2004). What leaders need to know: A review of social and contextual factors that can foster or hinder creativity. The leadership quarterly , 15 (1), 33-53. 

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